The Silence of The Lambs Posters By Laurent Durieux

Mad Duck Posters will release new posters this week for The Silence of The Lambs by Laurent Durieux! The artist had the following to say about his take on the modern masterpiece:

“The art captures the room of the girl found dead who was on the autopsy table at the coroner’s office with her back incised. Here I make an ellipse between two scenes that follow each other in the final part of the film, where Agent Starling understands by seeing the different elements observed in this piece (polaroids, wallpaper with butterflies, sewing machine, dressmaker’s dummy, and especially the dress in the closet which has the same two large diamond-shaped strips). She understands that this is a dressmaker who makes clothes out of human skins and then we find her at Buffallo’s house in the final scene, which is why we see Agent Starling approaching Buffallo’s house across the street…”

The posters go on sale this Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 12PM ET! Click HERE to order.

The Silence of The Lambs Regular Poster
By Laurent Durieux
Run of 350

The Silence of The Lambs Variant Poster
By Laurent Durieux
Run of 250

There will be a very small run of foils for each colorway as well.  

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