Poker Facts For Poker Fans

So, you’re a Poker fan, are you? Well, sit back, relax and delight in these facts your beloved, ever-entertaining Poker. 

1. Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, having been around for well over 200 years.

2. Poker was originally created in America, first drafted and developed in the Louisiana area.

3. The earlier versions of Poker were played with only 20 cards, quite different to the 52-card deck that we see today. Back in the day, four players would each be dealt five cards and the betting would then begin based on who had the best hand. Historians have come to the educated conclusion that the first 52-card game was introduced to the world of Poker from 1834 onwards. 

4. Believe it or not, there was once a game of Poker that was said to have lasted almost eight and a half years. A theatre in Arizona, called The Bird Cage Theatre, claims to have hosted the longest game of Poker to ever have been recorded. Apparently, as the legend dictates, the game began in 1881 and lasted an amazing eight years, five months and three days. According to the theatre in question, the players that participated were all well-known, wild-west kind of personalities who liked to bet big, with the minimum stake to grant entry to the game being $1,000. 

5. In 1973, the first ever live Poker tournament was televised, much to the pleasure of the American audiences. The tournament in question was the World Series of Poker, which took place in the gambling epicentre Las Vegas!

6. Poker is thought to currently be the most lucrative game in the world. Despite how much footballers, NBA players and golfers are known to make, the top five largest prizes on offer in the super high roller Poker tournaments come together to equal a total sum of $44,202,738, which would therefore make Poker the more lucrative event to participate in.

7. UK Poker has appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2013, the game earned its place amongst the many wondrous and shocking pages of the well-known record holder’s catalogue by having the largest game of Poker take place in Onchan on the Isle of Man. At this tournament there was a massive 225,000 eager players vying for the top prize of $25,000, having paid a surprisingly low $1 to enter.

8. Poker is believed to have evolved from the game Dominoes, as well as taking inspiration from other ranked card combinations along the way. It is thought that a game of Dominoes played by Emperor Mu-Tsung and his wife back in 969 A.D is when the concept of a card game was first blurred into that of the principles of Dominoes. Interestingly, bluffing was found to be entirely integral to the Emperor’s game which is an aspect that has followed through to the way we play modern Poker today.

9. Over 300 MILLION seven-card Poker hand combinations exist within the game. How many have you got all figured out? 

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