Maine Chainsaw Artist Josh Landry Is Carving A Tree Stump Sculpture At Stephen And Tabitha King’s House

Using his trusty Husqvarna chainsaw, North Anson artist Josh Landry has carved everything from bears, birds and dogs, to salty old sea captains and cartoon characters out of tree stumps and logs. He’s been commissioned by homeowners, by cities across the country and by arts organizations to turn wood into art.

So when the latest people to commission him to make something got in touch, initially, it was no big deal — except for the fact that Landry would be carving a 5-foot-wide, 15-foot-tall ash tree stump on the front lawn of arguably the most famous home in Maine.

“I’ve done some pretty big jobs, but Tabitha and Stephen King are definitely one of the higher-profile ones,” said Landry, 33. “It’s a pretty special project.”

Landry has spent the past month carving a menagerie of creatures into the enormous ash tree stump at 47 West Broadway in Bangor, the home of Tabitha and Stephen King.

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