Popeye The Sailor Man Joins Forces With The SeaCleaners To Knock Out Plastic Pollution

Sailor Man. Tough guy. Fighter. Hero. Legend. That’s Popeye! An underdog with bulging forearms, a mean uppercut and a passion for legendary canned spinach, who has won the hearts of generations on the big and small screen. This star recruit has just joined the crew of The SeaCleaners.  

Through a global partnership with King Features, premier producer and distributor of the world’s most iconic intellectual properties and a leader in classic character licensing and franchise development, The SeaCleaners will now be able to associate its image with that of the famous sailor.   

This alliance is based on a foundation of strong common values shared by The SeaCleaners and Popeye: integrity, perseverance, fighting injustice, and a determination to rise to any challenge without ever being discouraged. And, of course, an unconditional love for the seas and a fierce determination to protect them against all threats and dangers.  

Despite his 90th birthday, celebrated in 2019, Popeye remains today one of the most recognizable timeless icons of global pop culture. With Popeye’s support, The SeaCleaners will expand its public awareness and education efforts and encourage the general public to take action to end the scourge of plastic pollution.  

The partnership was brokered by King Features’ French agent, M.J.A. Licensing, who will also work to secure multiple co-branded Popeye x The SeaCleaners deals for apparel, accessories, home goods and more. A portion of those proceeds will then benefit The SeaCleaners organization and their efforts.

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