Best Asian Movies That Showcase Pop Culture

When we talk about movies, then Asian movies do not fall short when it comes to thrill and excitement. The best part is that there are many movies that give a hint of the pop culture too. We will explore some of these movies here.

Enter the Dragon

The film Enter the Dragon got released way back in 1973. However, most of us still remember this movie. There is no denying the fact that the movie is the best martial arts film of all times.  It revolutionized the portrayal of Asians in the western media. Bruce Lee enjoyed the key role in this movie. The exciting part is that the movie also gave hype to the Kung Fu craze. As a result, Hong Kong studios started to produce dozens of movies that reached the international audience. The movie inspired many martial arts video games also. The music world also paid tribute to this movie. Wu-Tang Clan which is a hip-hop group launched their debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang.” The objective was to honor the movie Enter the Dragon. The truth is that the album received critical acclaim.


Well, when we talk about movies, then Godzilla is yet another movie that did not lose its charm. It got released way back in 1954. However, even the generation of today is aware of this name. The movie got released by a Japanese company by the name of Toho in the year 1954. The theme of the movie which depicted fear and horror could resonate well with the audience. The reason is that nuclear disaster and the catastrophe of the war still haunted the minds of people. As a result, the film became more of a long running franchise. Toho released about 32 Godzilla films. Even Hollywood offered four remakes of this movie. The latest news is that Warner Brothers will release Godzilla V Kong this year. The exciting part is that the fictional reptile was able to win the attention of the musicians also. Eminen released a single this year by the name of Godzilla. The single holds the record of the fastest rap. When we evaluate the third verse of this song, then we notice that Eminen raps 224 words in about 30 seconds. The truth is exploring the versatility of the pop culture is a worthwhile activity. We all need to divert our minds in a positive direction and in productive activities. Most people keep dwelling on things like How to buy fake id. We need to encourage the musicians by applauding their efforts. Well, this is the way the pop culture will prosper. The benefit of this practice is that musicians will gain the courage to come up with more exciting pop song versions.

They will not be hesitant to experiment because they will be confident that the audience will applaud their efforts. Let us hope that 2020 brings about new twists in the world of pop culture.

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