Fielder’s Choice Baseball Glove Wallets

Fielder’s Choice repurposes forgotten baseball gloves into one-of-a-kind handcrafted leather goods such as wallets and money clips.

Inspired by the everyday hustle of Baseball’s Golden Era, Fielder’s Choice Goods was established in 2012 to revive vintage baseball gloves and repurpose them into functional products we use daily. But eight years later, it’s more than baseball. Fielder’s Choice Goods is about preserving American culture and the pursuit of the American Dream. It’s about giving new life to our favorite artifacts and constructing timeless leather goods that honor the memories, history, and heritage of America’s greatest institutions and pastimes.

Fielder’s Choice sources the gloves, restores the leather and then handcrafts one of a kind accessories that will be a cherished keepsake. You can even send in your old baseball glove to them and they will craft it into a gift that will have sentimental value. It’s a perfect present for Dads and Grads!

Click HERE for more info and place your order for a card case, money clip, billfold or trifold wallet ($75-$145) today!

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