Comic-Con’s 2020 Souvenir Book Cover Revealed

Today Comic-Con revealed this year’s Souvenir Book cover. This year Comic-Con’s famed Souvenir Book takes on a new life as a FREE downloadable PDF, weighing in at over 250 pages!

Artist William Stout—famed for his illustrations and murals depicting dinosaurs, and his comics and movie poster work—graces the Souvenir Book with one of his incredible covers, this one saluting the centennial of famed author Ray Bradbury, one of Comic-Con’s most beloved guests over the years. Stout is also one of the very few people to have attended every Comic-Con, as a special “Cover Story” feature reveals in this year’s book. Learn the “Easter Eggs” Bill worked into this cover, plus his process of creating this amazing illustration, along with his past association with Bradbury.

In addition to a long section devoted to Ray Bradbury (including an extensive biography, plus articles on his work in movies and TV, comics, and personal reminiscences), there’s also a special section devoted to the “other” Ray … Ray Harryhausen, the stop-motion animation genius, who was a lifelong friend of Bradbury’s, and is also celebrating a centennial this year.

It’s also the 75th anniversary of the very beginnings of EC Comics, and we celebrate with a history of the company focusing on their artists by author Grant Geissman, the recognized expert on EC. (There’s also a very special surprise that brings both Ray Bradbury and EC Comics together!) The worldwide phenomenon of Moomin also celebrates its 75th anniversary with an article by comics historian Paul Gravett, plus an incredible collection of fan art.

Moving on, we look at the 50th anniversary of two historical American comics series, Conan and Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, featuring, respectively, articles by Roy Thomas (who brought Conan to Marvel Comics in 1970), and John Morrow and Mark Evanier discussing “King” Kirby’s groundbreaking creation, the Fourth World, which included the New Gods, the Forever People, Mister Miracle, and—believe it or not—Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen. Finally, we celebrate legendary underground comix publisher and distributor Last Gasp and its owner, Ron Turner, in a career-spanning article by Jon B. Cooke (Comic Book Creator and The Book of Weirdo). Plus, a look back at the award winners from 2019, and those we lost in the past year are paid tribute to in our traditional “In Memoriam” section. All of this, plus the return of fan art paying tribute to our anniversary celebrations. The book even includes some amazing ads, featuring exclusive products that would have debuted at Comic-Con this year, that you can order directly from the exhibitors!

The 2020 Comic-Con Souvenir Book will debut on Wednesday, July 22 as a FREE downloadable PDF publication. The link will be featured HERE.

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