Some Things Everyone Should Know About Pop Culture

Pop culture involves a bunch of different types of media, such as books, art, music – both popular music and Indie music, street art, zines, magazines, comics, viral videos, fashion, memes, along with a lot of other digital technologies. Unfortunately, the thing with pop culture is that it is often pitched against the snobbish trends of the high culture. People have a common belief that if you are too much into pop culture, you are not serious in your life, or rather you are not smart enough.

However, the objective of the pop culture is to create a space for some earth-shattering artistic genius and creative brilliance. What many do not know is that a myriad of things that are valorized today started out as popular culture, for instance, Shakespeare. Dan, a lover of pop culture who works with TrumpLearning, an online resource hub for students, says that people who do not have great things to say about Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in the musical scale, D Minor, are absolute idiots. Well, we second his beliefs.

Now, let us take a look at a few things that you should know about Pop Culture.

Pop Culture is instant

The thing with pop culture is that it moves quickly. So, what’s hot today might be out tomorrow. However, the culture is set in a manner that it needs no serious reflection or thinking. So that implies that you can watch a TV show without even really watching it, maybe while you are watching something on Netflix or checking your email.

Hence, this is how you know about Pop culture without really knowing about it. Aiysha, an expert tutor who offers you great do my math homework services, says that the beauty of the pop culture is that it is explicit in a manner that it appears in front of you without any additional effort to tell you what it wants you to know.

Pop Culture is nothing but one corporate product

Just like the other industry things, pop culture, too, is a corporation that has a deep market interest. So irrespective of the social group you belong to, it is quite possible that just as you read this article you are listed on one of those confusing charts of the boardroom in a typical office tower.

As a result, almost every week there are creatives, CEOs, and executives collaborating to discuss how they should target you or how they should get you to download their song or have you watch their new show, or read their magazine, or click on any of their latest news stories. Given that there’s an umpteen music blogs available on the internet, why would you choose one over the rest? In short, it is all a question and study of the market.

If you aren’t a consumer, you are probably a producer, and likewise

Now, just as discussed, pop culture is a market, which has an interest in selling you a product. However, for a product to make it to you, it should have a certain appeal about it. No network will ever give a green light to a show, which doesn’t have an appeal about it. Why would they want to put their money on something, which wouldn’t have a critical mass appeal? Maria, a University student, who sought accounting homework help by TAE recently did a presentation on pop culture, wherein she concluded that everything, which exists in pop culture is choreographed in a manner that it brings forth a massive impact on the brand visibility or the sales. Just like the other spheres of the market, even in pop culture, it is the customer who’s always right.

Everybody wants gossip

There’s nothing, which has the potential of getting massive page views or selling huge magazines than a juicy page full of gossip. There’s no person in this whole wide world who doesn’t love a bit of gossip.

Surprisingly, the interests of the people are not just limited to gossip. They enjoy scandals too. Scandals are, in short, a juicy piece of public theatre where everyone’s anxieties are being played out and then watched in big numbers on a national level for everyone to enjoy. Khloe, a lover of gossip magazines, who is currently as a homework help assistant with EssayWriter4U, says that the common trend is that anyone who has been involved in a huge scandal always ended by bagging a huge deal shortly after the scandal.

Well, it is sad but certainly true. A lot of people become an overnight sensation only because of their dirty scandal, and that’s one reason a lot of people who act innocent in public, stage these scandals, because my friend, there’s never a thing like an accidental leak.

So, these are some pivotal things you should know about pop culture. Trust us, it is not bad, it is not snobby, it just needs to co-exist with the other prevalent cultures.

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