Ready Player Two Sequel Novel To Be Released On November 24

Ready Player Two, novelist Ernest Cline’s sequel to his bestselling Ready Player One, will be published by Penguin Random House imprint Ballantine Books on November 24.

Cline adapted his debut novel into the Warner Bros.’ Steven Spielberg-directed film Ready Player One. The 2018 movie took in more than $582 million worldwide.

Ready Player One featured many references to popular TV, movies and video games, the book spent over 100 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. The novel is set in a near-future dystopia where people escape the chaos of the real world for an expansive virtual universe, known as the Oasis, where they can create their own reality. It follows protagonist Wade Watts on his search for an Easter egg in a worldwide virtual reality game, the discovery of which would lead him to inherit the game creator’s fortune.

No word yet on the plot for Ready Player Two. Pre-order the book HERE.

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