Mean Girls: Senior Year – The First Graphic Novel Continuation of The Classic Movie

Tina Fey’s Mean Girls was an instant hit when it first premiered, and has lived on one of the most iconic films of the 2000s. But the story didn’t end there—now Cady, Regina, and the rest of the gang are back and ready to take on senior year in this all-new comic that is so totally fetch!

In Mean Girls: Senior Year Cady is ready to leave the previous year’s drama behind. Senior year is all about good grades, SAT prep, and college applications—but the new transfer student Megan Moretti isn’t about to let Cady stay focused. Megan is determined to rise to the top of the popularity food chain and become a new Plastic, so Cady, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen have to band together to stop this queen bee wannabe from turning the school inside out all over again.

The book has also been selected for the national Free Comic Book Summer, which spans from July 15-Sept 9! Previews of the book will be available in select comic book shops across the country, so readers should stay tuned to news from their local shops!

You can pre-order the book HERE and it will be released on September 29.

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