Why Do Rock Bands Agree To Collaborate With iGaming Business?

Since the entry of slot themes as a crucial concept in slot development, online gaming software providers have been brimming with ideas to make them notable exceptions. One of the most intriguing topics out of the many that have been touched on so far is that of music, especially rock bands. The online platform is not crawling with rock music slots like those of other prominent categories, but they still manage to shine as excellent choices. For instance, the Guns N’ Roses slot demo by NetEnt stands among the greats, even when placed against titles from other theme classes. Below is a look at why some of the most famed rock bands choose to collaborate with the iGaming business to create games themed around them.

Exciting Atmosphere

In the early days of slot creation, punters focused less on the design and more on the thrill that came with anticipating big wins. Ever since then, player tastes have changed tremendously with a lot of focus being applied on the entertainment value of a pokie as much as what it has to offer in winnings and bonuses. If rock bands are known for anything, it is their ability to pump up a crowd, and they provide the same to slot machine games. Members of rock bands often jump at the opportunity to reach an audience beyond the stage by being featured in slot games. The pumped-up nature of rock music offers action, excitement, and animation to accompany good winning values.

Immortalize Timeless Hits

With the music industry being bigger than ever, hits are being churned out at a faster pace. Currently, some of the bops that dominate the sector include Old Town Road, Bad Guy, and New Rules. These songs will most likely go down in history as classics, but for now, they resonate with only one or two generations.

Famous rock bands that are featured in slot machines, on the other hand, have been releasing hits since as far back as the eighties. This has given them a lot more time to earn legendary status with both the old and young generations. Songs like Twisted Sisters’ We’re Not Gonna Take It and Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train are still popular with people to date despite having been around for decades. Rock bands take the opportunity to feature in pokie machines as a way to immortalize the most famous hits in their career and give fans an even more exciting way to listen to some of the songs that they love.

Ideal Target Market

Most research studies indicate that the average online gambler is in their forties. Therefore, most slot lovers grew up in the golden era of rock bands, which saw the rise of legendary groups like Guns N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, and Motorhead. Even though these bands have slowed down over the years with new generations acquiring different tastes, they still look to offer their fans a taste of the edgy days when MTV was considered taboo. Even though a lot more is available for music than this channel, rock band slots allow players to have a dose of nostalgia and revisit the good old days while taking a shot at collecting winnings.


Most rock band celebrities are not complaining when it comes to how deep their pockets can run. For instance, the lead vocalist of the Guns N’ Roses band AXL Rose boasts an impressive net worth of around 200 million dollars, which is a similar range to that of Ozzy Osbourne. Even so, most of these artists do not mind having an endless source of royalties money to add to their wealth. Slot machines present such a platform since online gaming software developers have to pay to feature their brands in games. These payments continue to roll in as long as their slots are available to the public, much like with their music.

Popular Rock Band Slot

With so many reasons backing the entry of rock bands into the iGaming business, numerous groups have invested in creating slots games to mark their career success. Some successful titles under the theme category include:

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses is among the most famous rock bands of the eighties and nineties. The group is still together to date and was releasing music as recently as 2018. NetEnt took the tie to honor GNR with a slot machine of the same name, which was launched in celebration of their 30th anniversary in January of 2016. The slot machine welcomes players to the band’s world tour on five reels that carry twenty bet lines. The game features some of the group’s biggest hits that play in the background including Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Paradise City, and Chinese Democracy. The visuals of the game match the intensity of the tunes, especially the black playtable with the band logo plastered behind golden symbols.

Guns N’ Roses slot game appeals to gamblers with more than just nostalgic music to encourage the placement of stakes between 20 to 200 coins per spin. The game awards winnings as high as 750 times the line bet, and this amount is awarded by the lead singer AXL when he forms a combination of five icons. Other incentives included in the pokie are:

– Regular wilds
– Destruction wilds
– Bonus wheel
– The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game
– Encore Free Spins
– Appetite for Destruction Wild
– Legend Spins
– Solo Multiplier

This game is available in nearly all casinos that support NetEnt software.


Megadeth is the brainchild of the bassist David Ellefson and the guitarist Dave Mustaine, which started out in Los Angeles. The band is often credited with the popularization of American trash metal alongside other popular groups like Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. The band was formed back in 1983 and is still together to date.

The Megadeth slot game touches on the success of the group, and it is created by Leander Games. The slot machine features a literal heavy metal theme with the five by three grid created using metal casings and surrounded by bright stage lights. Megadeth online slot includes the band members David Ellefson, Chris Broderick, and Shawn Drover. Dave Mustaine appears as the wild symbol, and he can expand to cover an entire reel. The slot logo awards the fixed jackpot win of 500 credits.Â

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a one-person band whose ingenuity is admired to date even though his music career only lasted four years. The legend is credited with having changed the course of pop culture as it is by fusing a wide range of music genres with particular focus on rock, soul, and jazz. Jimi redefined what it meant to be a composer, singer, and songwriter, which is why NetEnt included him in their lineup of music slots.

The Jimi Hendrix slot game has been available since 2016. Rather than capture the modern era of realism in its presentation, the game carries the artistic vision of the counterculture era, which resonates with most fans of Jimi’s music. The slot machine uses regular bet limits of between 0.01 and one credit per coin, with each of the twenty play lines capable of holding between one and ten of these coins. The set is decorated with a variety of bonuses, including Red Guitar Respin, Purple Haze Feature, Pick and Click, Crosstown Traffic Free Spins, and Coin Win feature.


Motorhead holds 26th place on the VH1 list of the greatest hard rock artists. Since the band was formed in 1975, they have sold more than fifteen million albums across the globe, which makes them an obvious choice for a slot theme. NetEnt is behind the creation of the rock band’s slot game, which is simply named Motorhead.

The slot features a unique 3-3-4-4-5 grid arrangement that is sat on a black and grey stage. The playtable can hold as many as 200 coins per spin, with each one holding between 0.01 and one credit. A music feature is included as well where punters can turn the Rock Mode on and off at pleasure. Some of the featured hits put on blast in the background are Overkill, Killed by Death, Ace of Spades, and Iron Fist. The game bonuses are pretty impressive as well, and they are as follows:

– Wild – denoted by the golden ace of spades and substitutes other symbols
– Scatter – lands on the third to fifth reel to award ten free spins
– Mystery Reel Feature – one of the reels features mystery symbols that turn into one of the regular icons once the grid stops spinning
– Bomber Feature – activates randomly before any spin and awards a cluster of mystery symbols that can cover as many as ten tiles

Bottom Line

Rock bands are likely to continue featuring as themes in slots and other casino games as a way to relive their legendary work. Those that are currently available in pokies have seen an explosion in their retro hits, even with new generations that did not see the initial song release. The method to this madness continues to benefit everyone involved from the software developer and rock bands to the players.

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