Stay On Your Toes With These Online Poker Games

We’re sure that, by now, you feel like you’ve exhausted all possible options when it comes to playing online Poker. Well, we’re here to prove you wrong! Expect the unexpected with these adventurous adaptations of the classic game of Poker that we’ve all become accustomed too. From bonus features to new ways to win, you certainly won’t get bored when you join of the fun-filled games we’re about to introduce to you below!

Aces And Faces 4 Lines

Here is a game that adheres to the tried and trusted rules of Poker, but with a little twist. In this version you are actually playing with four lines, or hands, of cards, instead of just one, setting it apart from the original traditions of the game. 

As you’d expect, the better your hand, the bigger your payout will end up being. You will also have the chance to choose how many cards you want to replace, although this chance will only come along once! 

The visual style and layout of the game makes gameplay fairly easy, as you’ll find yourself instantly familiar with the visuals. The difference comes in the four-line selection of cards, all activated at the same time. But, don’t let this scare you, as the rest of the rules have remained exactly the same as the classic.

Taking inspiration from the four card lines, there are also some added four-of-a-kind combinations to look out for, designed to increase the amounts you’ll be able to win. Also, after each win that you earn in this game, you will get the chance to potentially double your stakes! To do this, you’ll have to use the Double feature, which pretty much does what it says on the tin – when you draw a card and it beats the dealer, those double stakes will be all yours!

Tens Or Better

Here we have another take on the classic game. Tens or Better offers up a version of the game that we all know and love but with a twist. All you need to find in order to win is two tens, or the best possible winning combination. The layout and workings of this video slot are simple and easy to comprehend, specially favoured due to its rich pay table.

Betting starts from as low as £0.05, with the chance to climb up to £50, if you should be feeling so brave. Your overall stake is worked out by coins, with up to five available to place on each hand. Once these decisions have been made, you are free to hit the “Deal” button and pick which cards you wish to “Hold”. After this, the rest of the cards in the hand will then be revealed. 

With the main goal being to land yourself a winning Poker hand, the best you can hope for is a Royal Flush. This little beauty will pay you out a generous £4,000, as long as you are staking five coins per hand.

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