Donald M. Grant, Publisher To Release A New Phil Hale Art Book – Use Music Kill Via Kickstarter

Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. is publishing a new Phil Hale art book titled Use Music Kill which showcases the last fifteen years of Phil Hale’s art and they are initially selling it through a Kickstarter project. 

Use Music Kill is a collection of over two hundred paintings, photographs, drawings and collages in Phil’s distinctive style, from a career that has spanned fine art, portraiture, illustration, fashion photography, film and music. It is a full color 11” x 11”, 272 page hardcover book.

For Donald M. Grant, Phil illustrated The Dark Tower Ii: The DrawIng of The Three and a Monster at Christmas as well as three books of art – Goad, Mocking Birds/Relaxeder and Life Wants to Live as well as the collaborative Double Memory: Art and Collaboration with Rick Berry,

This new book will be available on the Donald M. Grant website after the Kickstarter project is over but at a higher price.

HERE is the link to the Kickstarter page.

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