Has Lockdown Encouraged People To Seek Surgery?

2020 hasn’t been a fantastic year for the nation’s self-esteem. Spending hundreds of hours staring into our own faces during a video call have made it difficult to avoid our aesthetic shortcomings. For those of us who already felt unattractive, it’s not the most enjoyable experience – especially given that few of us look immaculate when we’re stuck in the house.

Given all of this, it should probably come as no surprise that bookings for cosmetic surgery have surged over the course of lockdown – not only in the UK, but in the US and elsewhere, too.  According to the BBC, the Save Face website has experienced a forty-percent rise in traffic. Similarly, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has reported a 70% rise in virtual consultation requests. 

Since many of us find ourselves looking down into a camera, thereby compressing the skin around our necks into a fleshy concertina, much of the new demand is focussed around jawline and neck work. 

What Else is Driving this Trend?

While it’s being colorfully called the ‘Zoom Boom’, there’s more to this phenomenon than teleconferencing. Let’s examine a few of the other push factors.

Private Recovery 

With everyone in the country spending a large amount of their time at home, there’s ample opportunity for patients to recover post-surgery. Minimal disruption means that now’s the best time to go under the knife.


The lockdown has been a depressing place for many of us. Many of us find comfort in vices like smoking and comfort eating, but the same motive might also push someone toward cosmetic surgery. Moreover, comfort eating can obviously lead to weight gain, which might also ultimately be corrected through surgery (albeit of a different kind)


The virus has caused many of us to worry about our long-term job security. But it’s also allowed us to save up large amounts to splurge on one-off purchases. Those savings accrued over months of lockdown can easily be spent on a gastric bypass or breast augmentation.

Social Media

Social Media provides a barrage of images of extremely attractive celebrities, who set an unattainable standard of beauty. Scrolling through Instagram all day will expose you to hundreds of pretty faces, many of which have been achieved through surgical intervention. Many happy customers have been able to share their experience with their peers, thereby normalizing what once might have seemed like a big step.

Given that the virus has prompted many of us to spend more time on social media, it’s reasonable to assume that this trend has driven a surge in interest in surgery.

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