The Top 30 Pop Culture Essay Topics For Writing

What is pop culture? Today we associate it mainly with TV shows and various music performances. And there is a reason for it. Pop culture is aimed at entertaining and amusing people. Its main purpose is to ensure global communication between people all over the world by its specific means. These means are performed in the form of art, music, food, fashion, or leisure time. Pop culture is a complex notion. It cannot be restricted to a single definition. 

In history, we can observe different periods and styles belonging to pop culture. These periods can be completely different or have the same features. They can follow the same tendency or change the direction and focus on other values. But one thing always remains the same: pop culture is a major part of our lives. It can take different forms but the essence is the same. 

Today pop-culture is most vivid in social media and entertainment-related industries. This is more than a movement. This is the way people live and interact with each other. Some subcultures can dominate while others fade. But the global tendency is present in every single aspect of our life today. And if you need to write an essay on pop culture you can read the following list of the most popular, interesting and attention-grabbing pop culture topics provided by a professional academic expert from an affordable essay writing service –

Let’s Figure Out the Best Pop Culture Essay Topics for Writing 

1. Women in the fashion industry have seen different trends related to bodies and their shapes. In the late 1990s, there was a tendency to look extremely thin. Today, models with curvy hips and small waist are preferred. Is it a healthier option compared to the 90’s trends? 

2. Do you support the tendency towards real bodies in the fashion industry? Explain your decision. 

3. Beauty injections: what’s the purpose? Why do people try to change their bodies with the help of injections? Is it a mainstream trend? Does it have any positive feedback on our bodies? Or maybe it is another way to get closer to celebrities? What are your thoughts? 

4. Does the movie industry underestimate women? Why do we often see a woman as a helper for the main hero? Does the industry create a sexualized object of a woman? 

5. Do we have the same number of men and women in the movie industry when we talk about directing? There are thoughts that for women it is much harder to receive financial aid for directing a film. Is it true? 

6. On the contrary, some people are convinced that women are simply not interested in directing movies. What are your thoughts? 

7. Do we have folklore tendencies in pop culture today? Can we relate vampires to folklore? Vampires have become an interesting point these days. What is the reason for such a renewed interest in them? 

8. In movies, we see men as heroes doing violent things and dangerous stunts. Can we call it fake masculinity? Do all men behave like that in real life and should we grasp such behavior as a traditional one? 

9. Why do we accept American actors more than actors from any other culture? Other cultures seem to have less popularity among regular people. What’s the reason for such a dynamic? Is there any reasonable explanation? 

10. You might have seen several films capturing Batman. But the character has always been played by different actors. Why does the movie capture different actors? 

11. Which Batman movie did you like the most and why? 

12. Do you enjoy watching Netflix? How can you comment on its rising popularity? Does it have a positive impact on people and their free time? 

13. Action movies are thought to have a better ranking than other genres. What is your opinion on this issue? 

14. Are there always true stories in romantic comedies? Do we share these similar circumstances in real life? Does it mislead people about what real relationships could be? 

15. There are often more men starring in comedic films. Have you noticed this tendency?

16. Is there a real problem to write a comedic script for a woman? 

17. How do we perceive gay people today? How does society treats them? 

18. Can we say that dance is more than simple movements with accompanied music? Does it stand for a separate culture if it spreads all over the world and has lots of followers? 

19. What do children watch today? 

20. What social media trends are there among youngsters? 

21. What is the phenomenon of a Starbucks? Why do students enjoy going there? 

22. Do we need reality shows? Can they teach us anything? 

23. What role does social media play in the modern world? What if you don’t have an account on social media? Do you lose much? 

24. Do celebrities influence the way teens behave? Do young people follow what celebrities set as a trend? 

25. What is usually portrayed in the cartoons? Are there any forbidden issues? 

26. Do people feel lonely because of social media and its projected perfect world? 

27. Do we face the issue of cyberbullying today? 

28. How can we fight against terrorism using social media? 

29. Violent movies and their influence on teenagers. 

30. How does music save our lives every day? 

These are pop culture topics that you can use in your writing. They are interesting and somewhat controversial for students who are not afraid to express their opinion. 

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