DangoBuds Review – Are These New Earbuds Worth It?

Everyone likes to listen to their smartphone when they are out and about. It is one of the many advantages of having a modern phone. Maybe they are tuning into their favourite playlist while hitting the gym or going out for a walk or a run. Maybe it is not music they are listening to, but an educational podcast or TedTalk, or listening to an audiobook on their commute into work. Perhaps they are fed up with the kids cartoons on TV and fancy catching up on their favourite show on their smartphone. These days, a smartphone is used as our main audio entertainment tool.

Not everyone else in your surroundings will necessarily want to listen to whatever it is that you are listening to, and because of that, you need a high-quality pair of earphones. High-quality is the important phrase here, as anything less can make for distorted and tinny sound. No one wants to be struggling to hear their audiobook or miss a key part of their podcast because the sound quality is poor. Another disadvantage to low-quality, traditional earphones is that they come with wires – and the last thing you want is to get wrapped up in them, or for them to get tangled up in your purse.

There is a solution: DangoBuds earbuds. These could be the answer to your problems here.

We are going to look at the DangoBuds in detail to find out whether they are the right earbuds for your needs.

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What are the DangoBuds earbuds?

DangoBuds are wireless earbuds designed with users in mind, for the ultimate listening experience. Incredibly clear sound and active noise control ensures that it is easy to take phone calls and it is much more pleasant to listen to music, TV shows, podcasts and whatever else it is that you are listening to. There are no wires to get tangled up with, since they are wireless. Using the Bluetooth feature, the headbands are quickly and conveniently connected to your smartphone, so audio can be easily streamed. They can also be connected to your computer, tablet or other devices, if a Bluetooth option is available.

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How will the DangoBuds wireless earbuds help me?

Very honestly, whatever you use them for, the DangoBuds inner ear headphones will give a superior audio experience. The sound quality is outstanding, and they have a full noise block, ensuring that whatever it is you are listening to will no longer be disturbed by the sound of traffic, crying children and your partner snoring in bed next to you. With three silicone in-ear tips, in sizes small, medium and big, they are easy to wear, so someone of any ear size will be able to wear them without fretting about them falling out and getting lost. Lastly, because they are wireless and operate up to ten meters from the device to which they are attached, you are not bound to one spot or wrapped up by irritating wires.

More information about wireless earbuds and headphones

Back in 2016, when iPhone manufacturer Apple made the divisive decision to remove the headphone jack from their new devices, wireless earbuds really became popular. People were immediately panicking; how could they listen to music? Thankfully, there are several decent wireless earbuds available today, such as the DangoBuds, so consumers can listen to music without thinking about wires. By placing them in the charging unit, which doubles up as a handy storage box, they link through Bluetooth and are generally charged. This is then normally connected via a USB cable to a computer or socket, which is the only time a wire is required. There is no wire at all with the DangoBuds, however-the box itself is he charging port, which means you can place them in your bag and leave them to charge. A charge takes just one hour, meaning you will not be without your favourite music for too long!

Can earbuds such as the DangoBuds damage your hearing and your ears?

There is no definitive information or studies to clarify this. We know that listening to loud music continually – over 60 percent volume – can cause damage to the ears and hearing ability, but if listened to at a sensible and moderate volume level, it is not thought to damage your ears. There are many rumors and theories about the safety of Bluetooth, but research has so far not substantiated any of these claims and so we can assume that it is not harmful to human health.

Who will benefit from using the DangoBuds earbuds to listen to music?

Rather frankly, they are essential for anyone and everyone who listens to music, podcasts, audio books, or watches films and shows on their mobile phone, or makes calls. They make it possible for you to listen clearly and not miss something important.

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For those who want to listen to music when they are out and about because they are wireless, they are especially good. The last thing you need is your wires to get wrapped around you while you are out for a run or weightlifting in the gym. As well as being distracting, it can be a major safety problem. The problem is that many common earbud brands easily fall out of the ears too, but with the DangoBuds there is no such concern. They have three tips of varying sizes, so everyone can find one that suits their ear.

Technical details about the DangoBuds:

– They use the Bluetooth feature to connect to your phone or other device. 
– Fast charging time 40-50 minutes 
– Active noise control for superb, clear sound quality
– Running time of four hours 
– One touch operation
– HD Microphone
– Carrying case which also charges the DangoBuds wireless headphones
– Radius of 10 Meters from device 
– Standby time of 72 hours 
– 50mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

The advantages of the DangoBuds wireless earphones

– Crystal clear audio and noise blocking
– Fast, easy charging
– Long battery life
– Can be used on any device with Bluetooth functionality
– Wireless
– Simple to use
– One-touch functionality
– CE tested

The disadvantages of the DangoBuds

Our research has shown that there does not appear to be any disadvantages or problems associated with the DangoBuds wireless earphones. This is great news!

Frequently asked questions about the DangoBuds 

As with all things, people have asked questions about the DangoBuds. Here are some of the common ones.

Q: Do these need recharging a lot?
A: Of course. It depends on your usage, but generally, these have a running time of up to four hours

Q: How do these work?
A: These are wireless, so you need to set up the Bluetooth function on your cell phone, laptop or whatever device you are listening from and connect the earphones to it. Once it has been connected, it is one-touch functionality to take calls and listen to music.

Q: How long does it take for the DangoBuds to charge?
A:  Not long at all; just 40 to 50 minutes for a full charge

Q: Doesn’t using them drain the battery life of your cell phone?
A: Not at all. Bluetooth uses very little battery power. If you find that your cell phone battery is draining, it may indicate that there is an issue with your phone battery.

Q: How will I know if it will work with my cell phone or other device?
A: If your cell phone or device has Bluetooth functionality, the DangoBuds will work

Q: What if I do not have a cell phone – what can I use them with?
A: If you do not have a cell phone you can use the DangoBuds with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Q: What is meant by active noise control?
A: The active noise control considers all the background noise in your environment and uses opposing soundwaves to block them out. This allows you to hear your music without any distraction.

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Where can I purchase the DangoBuds?

The DangoBuds can currently only be purchased from the official website. They are not available on any third-party website or on Amazon. There is plenty of useful information about the product on the official website.

How do you order the DangoBuds?

They are simple to purchase. Simply go to the website and decide how many pairs of the wireless earphones that you want to buy. Thanks to the discount offered by the manufacturers, you could even buy a few pairs – perhaps keep a pair in your desk, drawer at work, one in the glovebox of your car and one in your gym bag or locket, so you have a pair to hand wherever you are. The more pairs that you offer, the bigger the discount. One pair gives you a 50% discount, two pairs sees you get 56 % off the original price and so on. This makes them superb value for money, and there are no hidden fees when you get to the checkout. Shipping costs are made visible and depend on the number of items that you order. However, it is important to order soon as there is no guarantee as to how long the offers will be valid for.

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If security is something that concerns you, do not worry as there are a range of secure payment options offered. Payment methods include Stripe and PayPal as well as the normal credit card options of Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

After you have ordered your DangoBuds, you will get a confirmation email with your order number. You will also receive a shipping email, informing you when the item has been dispatched and when you can expect to receive them. If you want to track your parcel, there is a handy link in the email to tell you exactly where it is.

Quality Performance Ltd, the manufacturers of the product, offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the DangoBuds. This means that in the very unlikely event that you are not happy with the product, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange, minus the shipping costs.

How can you get in touch with the manufacturer if there is a problem?

The details of the manufacturer are as follows:

Quality Performance Ltd,
377 Valley Road,
# 1123
NJ 07013

Contact email: support@buydangobuds.com


USA & Canada: 866 206 0629
Great Britain: 0330818 0883
Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

Reviews from customers on the DangoBuds

The online reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive. They are of good quality, fairly priced and simple to use. How much more does anyone want from an earphone set? People have used them for jogging, walking and daily use and have not encountered any of the usual issues associated with lower quality earbuds – even with intensive exercise the sound quality is superb, and the earbuds stay in the ear.

Additional customer reviews can be found when you click on this link!

Final evaluation of the DangoBuds wireless earbuds

The DangoBuds wireless earbuds deliver excellent sound quality and ease of use at a fair price compared to other in-ear audio products. The earbuds can be attached to any Bluetooth-enabled gadget using Bluetooth, enabling you to chat to your friends on the phone, take work calls on the go, watch your favourite show, listen to music and audio books wherever you are. You don’t have to keep pulling them out of your ear or worry about them falling out because, thanks to the various sized fittings, they sit comfortably inside and charge easily and reliably in their compact charger and storage box with high-quality lithium batteries. All in all, this is a product worth investing your cash on if you want a good all-round audio product.

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