Online Sports Betting Is Gaining Momentum In The USA

The main sports competitions in the US are still on recess, but punters are anxiously waiting for them to resume. There is tremendous interest for these games not only from American punters, but also the international community. Since the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was passed, the legal online gambling market in the United States was rendered virtually irrelevant. The interest for sports betting has remained the same though, with players simply moving on to offshore platforms.

Growing interest for online sports betting

In recent years, significant progress was made by online casinos as they applied and were granted licenses in some states. At the time of writing, the online sports betting industry is still trailing, but things are moving in the right direction. NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB matches are watched by millions of Americans and many of them would like to turn the heat up a notch with a friendly bet. Some punters are willing to bend the rules and play at offshore bookmakers, but most are happy to wait for a license industry.

The US is losing significant resources simply because its citizens choose to gamble elsewhere in the absence of a legal framework. This has prompted legislators to take action and propose bills that would legalize sports betting in their states. They have the support of a significant percentage of their voters, which only boosts their confidence and motivation. The number of states where online gambling is legal or in the process of being legalized grows by the year.

New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada used to be the only places where Americans could legally play online casino games. Their example was followed by other states and legal sports betting is just around the corner. Recent studies suggest that the interest among US players for sports betting is growing and people bet larger amounts every year. Major events such as the Super Bowl attract the largest crowds and in the absence of a legal betting environment, players are willing to take a chance with unlicensed bookies.

The perks of legalized sports betting

Offshore bookmakers and you can visit this website to see, are perfectly happy with providing US players with the opportunity to bet on sports. Many found creative ways around the prohibitive laws, by allowing players to deposit and cash out winnings using alternative payment methods. This helps punters bet on sports online, but fails to address those key security requirements. They have no guarantees that the online bookmaker will pay winnings on time and in full or that it will respect the rules.

Legalizing sports betting will protect punters from unfair practices, while also keeping the most vulnerable players safe. Ultimately, legal sports betting will bring more money to state coffers, instead of allowing funds to boost the accounts of offshore platforms. Some states continue to oppose any form of legalized sports betting, but they now represent a minority. Across the USA, online sports betting is gaining momentum and more states are expected to legalize this activity in 2020.

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