Klein Vision AirCar V5

The flying car is something we’ve been promised since the 1950s. While there have been contenders over the years, nothing that truly fills the dual roles of both automobile and airplane has been developed — but that might be about to change. 

The Klein Vision AirCar V5 has made its maiden flight and is expected to clear the European Union Aviation Safety Agency certification process within six months. 

The AirCar converts from auto to airplane in three minutes, requires just under 1,000 feet of runway, and is powered by a 300 horsepower BMW engine. Range is over 600 miles and the AirCar carries two passengers with up to 450 pounds of cargo. Most importantly, the AirCar has been designed to be as aerodynamically stable as possible, making it accessible to pilots of all skill levels. 

The vehicle is intended for leisure and self-driving journeys, and also as a commercial taxi service.

Learn more HERE.

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