Announcing Waffle House Beer – Bacon And Kegs

Waffle House is getting an official beer as part of its collaboration with Oconee Brewing Company. And yes, it smells like bacon.

The cans feature a drawing of the iconic Waffle House restaurant as well as its famous sign. The signature yellow is printed as a backdrop on the can that is adorned with bacon strips and mugs of beer.

“The beloved scent of bacon stands out from the typical medium hop aroma of a red ale,” the brewery wrote in the Facebook post. “The malty sweetness of the base beer blends perfectly with the salty, savory, and smoky bacon extract to create a delicious and unique beer. Bacon & Kegs pairs well with breakfast food items (obviously!) or can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, soon to be iconic beer.”

The cans will be available in six packs or draft exclusively at Oconee Brewing Company beginning December 18.

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