Suntup Editions To Release The Dark Half Paperback Covers Collection Print By Don Brautigam

Previously, Suntup Editions has published prints of Don Brautigam’s iconic cover art from The Running Man, The Stand, Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, and The Bachman Books. 

This month, Suntup presents the final print in their series of Brautigam covers, the art from the first edition paperback of Stephen King’s The Dark Half.

Part of Don Brautigam’s genius as an artist was capturing the essence of a book while also creating imagery so eye-catching it practically leaps off the cover. The Dark Half is no exception as Brautigam uses the two sparrows to not only recall the novel’s famous presentiment, “The sparrows are flying again,” but to define King’s story of two halves creating the whole. Now, this cover art is available for the first time in its original form and without cover text.

Order the prints HERE.

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