Must-Have Children’s Toys That Are Worth Your Money This Christmas

Christmas looks set to be a little different this year. As the pandemic continues to weave its course, it’s increasingly likely that our festivities will be limited by some form of social distancing. Yet despite the challenges of 2020, there are still plenty of ways to keep the magic alive for little ones.  

Writing wish lists for Santa Claus is one tradition that will be safe to continue. Toy sales have fallen in recent Christmas periods, but each year still brings a raft of new models and gadgets that sell out weeks before the big day. 

Many parents will be keener than ever to find great-value gifts while managing funds carefully. Thankfully, MadeForMums has tested and reviewed hundreds of this year’s hottest toys to offer gift recommendations you can rely on.  

Gotta Go Flamingo

As you may guess from the name, this interactive flamingo toy comes with a special toilet that it uses when nature calls. Kids can feed him reusable flamingo food until he sings ‘Uh oh, gotta go!’.  This might grate on you when you hear it for the tenth time in an hour – but it’ll make little ones laugh every time!

Little Tikes First Washer-Dryer

Is it time your child started helping out around the house? This mini washing machine and tumble dryer contraption offers fun ways to prepare them for adult life.  It comes with spinning dials, a rotating drum, a detergent drawer and bottle, laundry baskets and convincing sound effects.  

Lamaze 3 in 1 Airtivity Center

The emphasis is on ‘Airtivity’ with this great toy. It features an entrancing air-powered sea scene with floating seaweed, fish, and a whale complete with a spinning spout.  Handily, you can set the center at floor level or table height, making it ideal for those still finding their stability.  

Smoby Chef Corner Restaurant

Is your child becoming interested in what you do around the kitchen? This mini kitchen and café offers lots to see and do, with a fridge, oven, coffee machine, hotplate, sink, ingredients and more. The tap squirts real water too! It’s a bulky choice for any playroom, but if you have the space this toy will keep any budding chef entertained.  

Lego Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course 

Super Mario and Lego are two classic creations for kids – so why not combine the two? This set comes with a speaker that plays authentic video game sounds as you send a mini Mario around a freshly built course to earn coins.  The instructions come on a free app, and the variety of course combinations creates lots of different play opportunities. 

Could any of these toys put a smile on your little one’s face come December 25th?

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