How Online Casinos Bet Big On Superheroes And Won

Online casinos are winning — and they are winning big. Data from Statista show that the online gambling market is now worth $59 billion globally, and is anticipated to reach as high as $92 billion by 2023. This bullish projection is due to a confluence of factors, chief among them being continued digitization, advanced technology that is making online gaming highly accessible, and gamers starting to trust online platforms a lot more.

Another factor is the practice of online casinos tapping into pop culture in order to appeal to younger demographics such as millennials and Generation Z. And lately, online casinos have bet big on the superhero subculture in the same way established franchises have been doing. Just this February, for instance, The Simpsons released an Avengers: Endgame parody poster hinting at an Avengers-inspired episode and underscoring the broad appeal of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and superheroes in general.

Even Lego, in fact, is capitalizing on the global appeal of superheroes, with Reuters reporting how models of the Avengers, like Thor and Captain America, have helped drive sales up by 4% in Q1 of 2019 (which translates to roughly $2.2 billion in sales).

Unsurprisingly, online casinos have gotten into the act as well, with Tuxslots having several slots based on Marvel characters, including Daredevil, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. Similarly, there are titles based on DC’s superheroes, including Superman and The Flash. Even lesser known superheroes, like Black Widow, Blade, and Hellboy (of Dark Horse Comics), have inspired their own slots, further underscoring just how big of a bet online casinos have placed on superheroes.

These slots are traditionalist in that their gameplay offers everything one might expect from online slot games. The big difference, though, is that they make use of the most famous and loved fictional characters in pop culture at the moment — and this alone is a differentiator. At times, online casinos need not even reference the actual superheroes, as simply alluding to them is often enough to elicit near-instant recall from fans. Such is the case with titles like Thunderstruck and The Dark Joker Rizes, which fans will recognize right away as being allusions to The Mighty Thor (as the character Thunderstruck closely resembles Marvel’s God of Thunder) and The Joker (with the title being a play on the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises), respectively,

At the moment, though, there is no concrete data yet as to just how much the superhero genre is contributing to the coffers of online casinos. But given the large following of Earth’s mightiest heroes and the loyalty they’ve inspired from their fans, it would be reasonable to surmise that online casinos are making considerable money from their superhero-inspired games. And if Lego’s 2019 gains are any indication, online casinos are likely winning big by betting big on superheroes, like Thor, Iron Man, and Superman. Why else will online casinos continue creating and promoting games inspired by these fictional characters? The short answer is: They have a winner.

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