Suntup Editions Announces Four Past Midnight UK Edition Covers Collection Print By Paul Bryn Davies

Suntup Editions presents another stunning cover by British artist Paul Bryn Davies. Previously, we have released prints of Davies’ iconic covers for Stephen King’s IT, Misery, The Dark Half, The Dark Half (Alternate Cover), and Nightmares & Dreamscapes. Now we are pleased to offer the art that appeared on the 1st U.K. hardcover edition of Four Past Midnight.

Published in 1990, Four Past Midnight contains four novellas by Stephen King: The Langoliers, The Library Policeman, Secret Window, Secret Garden, and The Sun Dog. For the 1st U.K. hardcover edition, Davies created a demonic gargoyle perched atop a clock set at 12:04. This is the penultimate cover print from Paul Bryn Davies. Now this artwork can now be enjoyed for the first time without cover text as a beautiful giclée print.

All prints are hand-signed by Davies, who continues his series of beautiful remarques with this print. Usually, remarques are reserved only for the first 20 large print subscribers, but Davies decided to also remarque the first 20 small prints.

Order HERE.

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