Stephen King Has Thoughts About Stephen King TV Shows

Stephen King has written some of the most beloved horror novels in the history of popular fiction, and many have been turned into equally acclaimed and successful films. Movies like “Carrie,” “Stand by Me” and “The Shawshank Redemption” have more than earned esteemed spots within the cinematic canon. Others — “Maximum Overdrive,” “Thinner,” “The Dark Tower” — have not.

But what about the small screen? As with the film adaptations, attempts to bring King’s books to life on TV have had mixed results, and few have reached the heights of “The Green Mile” or “Misery.” But thanks to the longer running time afforded by a series, several of King’s more unwieldy novels have proved better suited to television than to the multiplex.

“That is the great thing about TV,” King said, calling from his home in Bangor, Maine. “You can take these things as they are and expand more.”

With a new adaptation of one of the author’s longest, most complex novels, “The Stand,” arriving Thursday on CBS All Access, King looked back at the best and worst adaptations of his stories for television.

Read the New York Times interview HERE.

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