Letters From Hell Broadside By Stephen King

Stephen King books and manuscripts have become quite collectable often times fetching hundreds of dollars, however there is a unique item that many fans of the horror author have never seen before.

In 1988, Northridge, California based publisher, Lord John Press (sadly defunct) created a broadside (oversized poster) that contained the full text of an article by Stephen King originally published in the New York Times entitled “Ever Eat Raw Meat?”

The essay written in 1987 outlined some of the strange questions King had been asked by inquisitive fans. You can read the piece in its entirety HERE.

The Letters From Hell print was limited to only 500 signed and numbered copies and 26 signed and lettered copies. The issue price at the time was $125. Long sold out, the print sells for 4 times that now when a rare copy can be located.

The single sheet contained 4 columns of text by Stephen King and it measured 18 x 24 inches.

Letterpress printed in three colors (red, purple, & black) on BFK Rives France, a heavyweight art paper with deckled edges, the piece was designed and printed by Vance Gerry and Patrick Reagh.

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