How To Score Big In Word Games

There is a vast amount of word games today, to say the least. One of the first ones created was the famous Scrabble. Its beginning was in 1933. Scrabble was the first game that combined language and strategy as well. In case you really like playing it just like any other word game, there is a slight chance you want to score big also. Even if it is not easy, some specific tips and tricks can help you achieve just that and eventually win the game. Thankfully, you have come across this article that will discuss just that and hopefully give you some useful advice. 

Use Apps And Tools

Anyone who is an experienced and a good player of word games will know that he or she needs to use all possible resources in order to win the game and get high scores. There is no need to research the dictionary if you want to learn every possible word by heart, even if it is a valid choice. Another option is to learn by downloading various apps. You could also use the unscramble tool to find out more words for any word game out there. These types of tools do not only provide you with the immediate option to search for words on demand but are also excellent for those individuals that like any crossword puzzle game or enjoy playing hangman. 

So, simply put, these tools and apps are useful. Also, they represent a more comfortable way of learning new words that do not involve many lists you need to go through. This especially applies if a Scrabble session, for instance, is to begin and you have not armed yourself with new words. 

Make Use of All The Letters

One of the most effective ways to ensure you receive the most points you can get in a good word game session, and preferably not lose any, is to use letters like Q, X, K, and Z as quickly as you possibly can. For this, you will need to learn all official English words that start with the letter Q and do not include the letter U. In total; there are 17 of them. 

They are easy to memorize. The second tactic that is also great involves learning all possible words containing only 2 to 3 letters. Since it is, of course, not as easy or even possible to learn them all, at least having a few in your memory will give you the advantage against other players and rivals. For instance, if you play right, the score you receive can be 50 points. 

Focus On Quick Points

There is nothing better than achieving Bingo, although there is more to the game than just throwing your letters without any particular sense. That being said, in case you are considered to be in a group of players that do not focus only on big words and how to get rid of your tiles as fast as possible you can, then excellent for you.

Keep in mind, though, that there is no need to memorize everything. Only some small words are worth remembering since they can give you quick points. If you can compare yourself to a chess player – when you are armed with planned tactics, patience, and good defense, there is no doubt you are heading in the right direction and that you will get a higher score than everyone else.

“Glide” Along

This advice is not the most common, but it still can be more than useful. It is a trick you could use that will eventually make you a better player at Words With Friends and Scrabble. Do not go and cross over the opponent’s word. Instead, think about going parallel. You should glide along their words to be specific. It is recommended to try and match vowels with consonants. 

The same would apply the other way around. You will receive points when the time comes, and that your words go two, three, or more different opponent tiles. If you would like to make this trick work for you and give some results, you do need the right two or three letter words already memorized. 

There is no need to worry if you are the type of player who does not pay that much attention to the game while playing since this simple advice can help you score big in any word games out there. It is wise to remember just to be patient and thorough and do your research, and your opponent will not know what hit them, especially if you previously weren’t as good of a player. 

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