The Covers Collection – Thinner (UK Paperback Cover) Print By Gerry Grace Now Available for Pre-Order

Suntup Editions anounces their fifth print by artist Gerry Grace in The Covers Collection. Over the past four years, Gerry’s art from the U.K. covers of IT, The Long Walk, Pet Sematary, and Christine have been released. This month, Suntup brings you their final Gerry Grace print, the cover art from the 1st U.K. paperback edition of Thinner.

While the 1st U.S. edition of Thinner was released on November 19, 1984, Constant Readers across the pond would not get to read Stephen King’s dark tale of gypsies, curses and bitter grudges until early 1985, and it wouldn’t be until 1986 that the novel was released there in paperback.

The 1st U.K. paperback edition features Gerry’s breathtaking artwork of the gypsy tribe working their magic while holding hands around a fire. Reminiscent of his previous work on the cover of Pet Sematary, Grace here again uses the power of the circle and an imagined shape rising into the sky. Previously relegated to a small section taking up less than 50% of the paperback’s cover, this incredible work of art is now available for the first time in its full-sized glory and without cover text as a beautiful giclée print.

Pre-order the prints HERE.

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