What Does Michael Everest Demarco Hope To Accomplish In 2021?

Like everyone else, chances are you have made specific resolutions for the new year. Michael Everest DeMarco, a renowned thespian, actor, and philanthropist, has not been left out of this generally accepted norm of making decisions whenever a new year sets in. When asked about what he intends to do in 2021, Michael Everest Demarco says his list is helplessly long, but he confidently says certain critical resolutions he wishes to accomplish this year. 

As a son of New Orleans, his attachment to the city cannot go unnoticed. He says that the love he has for his city of birth caused him to forfeit a lucrative career opportunity in Hollywood to keep engaged in enhancing theater and talent in New Orleans. On this note, he says that his vision for New Orleans is to ensure that he brings on board as many new talents as possible. He contends that nothing gives him as much pleasure and happiness than working closely with new and talented youth. He loves helping them hone their skills and grow their careers.

Aside from theater, what exactly makes Michael Everest DeMarco so intimately linked to his city of birth? When he was asked in one of the recent interviews about it, he didn’t hesitate to say that he’s so passionate about the city’s history that spans over 300 years. As predictable as it would be, Michael says he looks forward to visiting the French Quarter. He remarks that the place has changed dramatically since his teen years and he revealed that he’s still keen on making visits to the quarter whenever he can find time in his already tight schedule. 

While he appreciates that the French Quarter has seen significant changes over the last decades, he’s still confident that the place still embodies the true NOLA spirit. He continues to enjoy the experience every time he visits and moves down Bourbon Street or when he grabs a meal at one of the old restaurants in the city that still stands tall.

He also looks at the possibilities of taking a stroll down Frenchmen Street at Marigny. However, he notes that he has not been so keen on new live music clubs on the streets of Marigny, but he still has affection for the lively, funky spirit that comes with being in Marigny.

He plans to visit two key places several times this year, namely the New Orleans Museum of Art- commonly known as the NOMA to the locals- and the New Orleans Jazz Museum. He says that although he has made numerous visits to these two places, he still has the urge to visit them once again in 2021. But this might not sound surprising, especially coming from a man who is a celebrated, true connoisseur of art and music. “The whole idea behind visiting these places quite often is it gives me a sense of calm, relaxation, and inspiration for my theater work,” Michael Everest Demarco noted in one of the recent interviews.

“Whenever I’m in these places and unite with some of the city’s great minds in art, theater, and music, I am humbled a great deal knowing how far I have come to see all this happen.” It reminds him of the great minds and artists who worked so hard and tirelessly, sacrificing so much to leave their marks. 

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