Expert Tips And Tricks For Learning A New Instrument

Playing an instrument is such a challenging but fun hobby. It gives you an opportunity to learn something new, to be super creative, and to improve your hand-eye coordination skills. People who regularly play a musical instrument have been proven to perform better mentally, score higher in IQ tests, and to be less anxious and stressed out.

There are so many musical instruments around the world which can make choosing which instrument to learn a little difficult. While all instruments are wonderful and should never be dismissed, different people love playing different instruments. It is really exciting choosing an instrument to learn, and you will probably end up playing more than one once you really get into playing music.

To help everyone who is starting out on a musical journey, here are our expert tips and tricks for learning a new instrument.

1. Choose Your New Musical Instrument

There is such a huge variety of instruments from all around the world, and all of them are so much fun to play. It can be very hard to decide what to play as there are so many choices, so try to think about the kind of music which you usually like to listen to. If you are into rock, for example, then the drums or electric guitar may be the best choice of instrument for you. On the other hand, if you are a lover of Beethoven, Mozart, and all the other classical composers, you may want to choose an orchestral instrument. There are so many sections in the orchestra from strings to woodwind, so you will be sure to find an instrument that you love.

2. Pick a Learning Method Which Suits Your Learning Style

Learning a new musical instrument can be very difficult, and we all have different learning styles that benefit us the most. Picking the right learning method to suit your style will ensure that you make the best possible progress. Everyone has seen the amazing videos of child prodigies on YouTube who have become musical masters after just a few months of playing, but for the majority of people, becoming a great instrumentalist takes time and dedication. The experts at the explain that some people learn best by teaching themselves a new instrument while others progress better with formal lessons. There is no wrong way and for many people, a combination of both is usually the most beneficial. 

3. Practice Whenever You Can

In order to become proficient at anything, the single most important thing you need to do is practice. First, spend some time getting to know your instrument and experiment with the different sounds you can create. For great musicians, their instrument becomes like a part of their body, so try to really accustom yourself to holding and playing your instrument when you first start out. It is so important that you develop solid practice habits as these will be the foundations on which to build your skills. When you first begin learning a new instrument, you should aim to practice whenever you can. Make time every day for planned practice during which you focus on a specific skill or piece of music, and also make sure you give yourself time to have a little freestyle. Learning an instrument can be mentally and emotionally tiring, so this play time is vital to ensure that you enjoy the learning process and that it doesn’t become a chore.

4. Play With Other People

There is nothing quite like a group lesson or a jam session to really take the enjoyment of playing an instrument to another level. If you are learning the drums or electric guitar, reach out to other people and try to make a band or a more informal jam group. This is a great way to pick up tips and tricks from more experienced players and to bring a whole new twist to your playing. If you are learning a traditional orchestral instrument, see if there are any local orchestras that are looking for musicians. Most local orchestras are always on the lookout for new players, and as long as you know the basics, they will be happy to bring you onboard and help you to develop.

Learning a new musical instrument is so enjoyable and can also enable you to gain new skills that are transferable to other parts of your life. Every instrument has so many fantastic qualities so whatever you choose is sure to be a lot of fun. It is so important that you choose the right learning method and that you are dedicated to your practice if you really want to make progress. Follow the tips in this guide, and you will see a big difference in your playing in no time at all.

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