Mondo To Release 2 Marvel Prints – Captain America By Phantom City Creative & The Fantastic Four By Michael Cho

Face front, True Believers! This week Mondo has two new Marvel posters focused on characters celebrating major birthday milestones in 2021.

First is a powerful Captain America poster from Phantom City Creative. The good Captain turns 80 years old this year, but you’d never know it since the First Avenger can still wield Mjolnir with the mightiest of them all. Next up is the new poster by Michael Cho for the Fantastic Four who are celebrating 60 years of being Marvel’s first family and the world’s greatest comic magazine.

Both posters on sale Friday 1/22 at 11am Central on The Drop.

Avengers: Endgame – Captain America Screenprinted Poster
Art by Phantom City Creative
Edition of 300

Fantastic Four Screenprinted Poster
Art by Michael Cho
Edition of 250

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