Mondo To Release Son of Godzilla Print By Attack Peter On January 29

Linocut mastermind Attack Peter continues his tireless exploration of the original Godzilla canon with 1967’s Son of Godzilla.

“I’ve had a strange relationship with this film. I’m fairly certain that Son of Godzilla was one of the handful of Godzilla films I watched on loop as a kid, the others being King Kong vs Godzilla, Ebirah: Horror of the Deep, and Godzilla Raids Again. I remember loving the tropical island and jungle vibe so much! Back then, I thought Minya was a lovable dork and I didn’t have any issues with him being in the mix. As I got older, I started to cringe whenever I saw him pop up in films, and his voice began to irritate me as well. I think it was a combination of me being in my “too cool for Minya” phase and also thinking that his presence would keep new fans from getting into Big G’s filmography.

Recently though, I began to rewatch all of the Showa, Heisei, Millenium and Legendary films again. It suddenly occurred to me that the hatred had gone too far on Minya. He’s an important part of Godzilla’s story and allows us to see a side of him that we don’t get to see elsewhere: He’s a hero and a father. In addition to that, I realized how many fans would constantly trash the ‘67 Godzilla suit! I don’t know if it’s the contrarian in me or my deep love of the X-Plus 30cm 1967 Godzilla figure — which I feel is one of the best Godzilla toys ever made — but I love that suit.

When the time came to pick my next design for the fine folks at Mondo, and seeing how many great artists interpreted so many popular Godzilla films, I knew it may fall on me to give Son of Godzilla the love it deserves! I spent my time trying to stay loyal to the odd and uncomfortable designs of the suits while giving them a touch of stylization, emphasize the lush jungle environment, and pay tribute to the nasty kaiju insects that inhabit it! I really hope you all love it!” 

– Attack Peter

Son of Godzilla Linocut Poster
Art by Attack Peter
1-color Linocut Print on Handmade Lokta Paper
Printed, Signed and Numbered by the Artist
Edition of 120

The poster will be available on Friday, January 29 at 11AM Central on The Drop.

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