Cold Brew Coffee: Consumable In Every Season

Every coffee lover has their preference for the type of coffee they drink. Some love consuming iced coffee, while others want a warm cup of it. But the technique in which it is made matters as the taste can change drastically. There are different types of coffee for cold brew and some of them can taste better than the others.

There are also different types of coffees available for hot brew coffee, but if you wish to consume a warm cup of coffee, then you can enjoy it through cold brewed coffee as well.

What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Hot Brew Coffee?


The biggest difference between cold brew and hot brew coffee is the equipment used. Each of them has its own set of equipment; some are harder to come by compared to the other.

Hot brew coffee: Hot coffee needs heat, and for the heat, you will need an electric coffee maker. If you purchase whole beans, then you also need coffee grinders, or you can get a kettle for some variability to your batch of coffee.

There are a variety of brewing techniques used for hot coffee, such as French press, pour-over, drip, and AeroPress. There are many more options available, each of them is of a different price point.

Cold brew coffee: Cold brew coffee is different from iced coffee. For cold brew coffee, you do not need heat to make your concentrate; all you need is clean cold water, a storage vessel, and some patience. You can easily make cold brew coffee from store-bought coffee grounds.

However, if you wish to gain more control over the amount you make, you could purchase cold brew coffee makers that can be stored in your fridge or placed on your countertop. Grinders can be important as well, especially if you will be using some machine to create your cold brew.

Many people prefer French press for cold brew coffee, or they use a mason jar to immerse their coffee beans. There are also some slow drip systems available in markets.

Brewing Process

Hot brew coffee: Hot brew coffee can be made in less than ten minutes since you do not need to let the coffee steep for a long period of time. You simply need to add the ground to your coffee maker, and the hot water from the coffee maker will be poured over the grounds.

Cold brew coffee: This type of brewing technique requires you to be patient since it takes a lot longer than hot coffee. You will have to prepare your coffee in advance instead of making it early in the morning. The coffee needs to steep for two to twenty-four hours.


Cold brew coffee is now the number one choice for several people. It may not be easy to make, but it creates less of a mess since there is less waste created. Cold-brew coffee also does not spoil for up to two weeks if kept in the fridge; thus, allowing you to make more of the concentrate without having to steep the coffee for twenty-four hours.

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