LEGO Mosaic Maker Now Available To Order Online

The LEGO Mosaic Portrait, which until now was only available in special photo booth-like machines in selected brand stores can now be purchased at in the USA.

Creative people will love turning their favorite photos into awesome artworks with this LEGO Mosaic Maker building kit. 

Upload a photo to the Mosaic Maker experience on and receive digital building instructions. The builder can then enjoy some quality time creating a mosaic version of the photo with 6,000 1×1 LEGO plates (5 colors; 1,200 of each color). There’s no limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded for building instructions, so the mosaic can be rebuilt unlimited times.

The LEGO Mosaic Maker building set features a 48×48 gray LEGO baseplate and 6,000 1×1 LEGO plates in 5 colors (1,200 in each color) to recreate favorite photos as mosaics.

This unique item kakes a great birthday present, holiday gift or surprise treat for ages 10 and up.

Order HERE for $130.

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