Woofbowl, A Foodtruck That Caters Exclusively To Dogs

Woofbowl is a food truck that caters exclusively to dogs, offering fast-food items for dogs that are organic, non-GMO, high in protein, and free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

The menu items look remarkably like human food truck items, such as burgers, ice cream, and beer, but the gag is they are healthy dog treats made from premium, human-grade, whole food, dog-friendly & superfood ingredients that even the pet owners can eat.

Woofbowl started in 2017 by the husband and wife team of Ron Holloway, a veteran and his wife Solo, a refugee from the Khmer Rouge regime. The couple introduced the dog food truck in Washington, DC but they have since moved their way up to New York City, making appearances in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of New Jersey. The idea came to them after the couple adopted their two dogs to help with Ron’s PTSD.

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