5 Tricks For A Stunning Makeover of Your Luxury Resort

The world is on its way to recovery after a long tumultuous phase of COVID-19. One of the clear indications of this is the travel predictions of the new year. The revenue in the tourism market is projected to reach $539,936 million in 2021 in which hotel is the largest segment with an estimated volume of $284,779 million, according to figures released by Statista.

This is a great opportunity for hoteliers to yield significant revenue. One smart way is to consider a makeover with clear defined actions. You do not have to begin from the scratch yet be able to raise the spirit of your establishment through simple solutions. Take a look at a few realistic ways to spruce up the hotel for a lively transformation.   

1. Modern Artwork 

Art can enhance the value of a space, bring attention to certain parts, invoke emotions and add clarity, according to an interview published in The Washington Post. Pick high-quality contemporary artwork, digital works, paintings, sculptures and photographs from online art gallery created by world-famous artists, according to experts at Phoenix International Art (PIA) Gallery. Get your collection from top art galleries in Phoenix Arizona, AZ, which are likely to add the much needed thrill and chic to the hotel lobby and lounges. 

2. Entrance Makeover

For a great first impression, create an extravagant and high-impact entrance. This helps guests cut off from the real-world and enter a mystical zone. Add loads of plants with pleasant smell, right type of lighting and fixtures along with exotic warm colors and gem undertones, according to an article by eHotelier. However, before adding pieces from a fine art gallery or making floor-changes, make sure the entrance and interiors do not clash against each other. 

3. Bedroom Refurbish 

To help the suites and rooms continue to look high-profile without massive changes, work on the linens. Go for plush white duvets and neutral toned sheets and replace patterned blankets with solid ones, according to an article by Tivago Business Blog. Further, look for original art work for sale in top contemporary art galleries in Scottsdale to adorn the walls. Lastly, check-out the furniture trends which will dominate in 2021 and make the required changes. 

4. Upgrade The Baths 

The washrooms are likely to be equipped with Spas and Jacuzzis. Further, you can add waterfall showers, museum quality art, lots of fresh plants, colorful glass stones and a new set of mirrors. These elements can quickly transform the look and create a wellness oriented space. Make sure to use energy efficient and eco-friendly products to receive impressive reviews while cutting down on electricity bills. 

5. Work On Functionality 

Unless the renovation is aesthetically motivated, invest in guest satisfaction. Increase the staff flow, change the existing layouts and offer more amenities. This can help create a great travel experience for your visitors while improving the profit opportunities. Work with interior designers and architectures to execute the plans. 

You might be required to go an extra mile to stand out from your competitors. However, using statement pieces from a local fine art gallery, loads of greenery and minimal changes can also be fruitful. Guests are likely to look forward to the stay-experience.

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