Voyager Station Space Hotel

Aiming to open in 2026, Voyager Station has a shot to be the first true space hotel. 

The wheel-shaped retreat is slated to have all the amenities one would expect at a resort, including suites, villas, a restaurant, bar, gym, and entertainment venue, as well as unique offerings like spacewalks and low-gravity basketball. 

The rooms and common areas will offer 1/6 of Earth’s gravity, while the central docking station will host a zero-gravity experience. 

The hotel is slated to be constructed in orbit using automation and telerobotics, and will be outfitted with 44 autonomous “emergency return vehicles” should a space emergency demand an evacuation back to our home planet. Currently accepting reservations; pricing has yet to be announced but is estimated to run $5 Million for a three-day trip.

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