Suntup Editions Insomnia U.K. First Edition Fine Art Print By Steve Crisp

This month, Suntup Editions announces their third and final print from British artist, Steve Crisp. Previously, they published Crisp’s first U.K. edition covers of Skeleton Crew and Needful Things. Now, Suntup presents the beautiful artwork which graced the first U.K. edition of Insomnia.

Published in 1994, Insomnia is Stephen King’s 34th book. This horror/fantasy novel follows retired widower Ralph Roberts whose increasing insomnia allows him to perceive auras and other hidden things, leading him to join a conflict between the forces of the Purpose and the Random. Unlike the first U.S. edition which featured only the stark red and white letters of the title and author on its cover, Constant Readers in the U.K. were treated to Steve Crisp’s fantastic artwork depicting an elderly face hidden within the wrinkles of a lone pillow upon the bed. Now this art can be enjoyed for the first time without cover text as a beautiful giclée print.

All prints are hand-signed by Steve Crisp. Exclusively available through Suntup Editions for your private collection, and limited to just 50 signed copies per size, worldwide.

Order HERE.

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