6 Games You Should Try If You Like Fortnite

First released in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite has been a huge success in the gaming world. Winning various gaming awards since then, Fortnite is now played by over 350 million people worldwide. The game’s success is partly down to it’s multi-genre design, combining the themes post-apocalyptic vibes of Halo with the world-building features of Minecraft. With Fortnite only continuing to grow in popularity, there is a bright future for the game, but what other games do Fortnite players love?

Here are 6 games you should try if you like Fortnite.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One interesting thing about Fortnite is that it has three distinctive game modes, and the most exciting mode for many is Fortnite Battle Royale, in which up to players drop from an airbus completely weaponless, and then have to arm themselves and fight it out “battle royale” style to be the last one alive. Another popular game with an identical premise is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is often called. PUBG was also released in 2017 and the battle between Fortnite and PUBG for global domination has been fierce with Fortnite just about winning for now. Even so, PUBG is a fantastic game which you can download for free online to play. If you don’t have a computer, there is also a mobile version of the game which is very popular

2. Call of Duty

Fortnite is predominantly a third person shooter game but there have been hints that a first person mode option could be on its way. In preparation for this, it is well worth Fortnite players getting their first person skills up to scratch playing a game in the Call of Duty series. One of the most popular first person shooters of all time, Call of Duty gives players the choice of campaign, VS, and online modes, in which players take on the role of soldiers and have a huge array of weapons in their arsenal. Each title in the series has a different setting and theme; one game is set during WW2, another during the Cold War, and another with modern Black Ops soldiers. Call of Duty is available on PC and on games consoles so it is available to a huge number of players.

3. Gears of War

Another title from Epic Games, the original Gears of War was one of the earliest XBox 360 titles, and was an instant hit. Like Fortnite, the Gears series of games are third person shooters, and players of the two games can pick up the other very easily because the gameplay is very similar. The story pits Earth’s human soldiers, led against a race of aliens called the Locust Horde on their home planet, Sera. Being set in the future, Gears has a huge range of innovative weapons and items for players to utilize in their mission to save humankind from the aliens, which themselves are highly armed, formidable opponents. The last release was Gears 5 in 2019, and so fans are waiting expectantly for news of number six.

4. Halo

Sci-fi shooting games like Fortnite and Gears are hugely popular because of their amazing storylines and graphics, but the father of them all is the Halo series. A first person shooter in which players try to save humanity from an alien enemy called the Covenant, the original Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001, and since then every new release has had huge critical and commercial success. In fact, Halo has become so synonymous with the Sci-Fi shooter genre, that every game later released in the genre such as Gears of War and Killzone, were often labelled “Halo Killers” by fans as they attempted to usurp Halo. To date, the game franchise has generated over three billion dollars in revenue, making it one of the most successful media franchises ever.

5. Doom

Long before players were taking down the Covenant in Halo, a different generation of gamers was also in a battle for humanity’s future in the incredibly popular Doom series. A first person shooter first released in 1993, Doom was developed for the MS-Dos operating software which many computers at the time used, and is widely considered to be one of the most important games ever developed because of its own popularity and the inspiration it gave to many later games, (including those in this article). While the graphics of the original game are so primitive by today’s standards, the huge amount of pixelated blood and violence made Doom incredibly controversial at the time and had various groups calling for it to be banned. In gaming terms, Doom is a super fun throwback to simpler times with easy controls and gun blazing gameplay which all Fortnite fans will absolutely love.

6. Minecraft

Minecraft is the best selling game of all time with over 200 million copies sold and 120 million active players in 2021. There are various game modes, but one of the most popular enables players to build their own world, which will be a very familiar concept to fans of Fortnite Creative which has a similar premise. Minecraft has been universally praised for its unique block-style graphics, and for offering a fantastic gaming experience to players of all ages. One really fascinating element of Minecraft is that it is designed with no real in-game goals to accomplish which gives players a huge opportunity to decide how they want to play. Players are even to make their own server with its own rules and awards which has been credited for allowing children to play safely without being exposed to trolls or bad language. 

Fortnite is a hugely popular game with more and more people playing all the time. Part of the reason for its success is the inspiration which Fortnite has taken from other innovative games. From the third person shooter gameplay of the Gears series, to the world building creativity of Minecraft, Fortnite lovers will find so much to love about the video games in this list. If you are a Fortnite fan, give these other titles a go and you will soon be hooked on them too.

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