6 Important Things Every Musician Should Know

Being passionate about music is a truly wonderful thing, especially because it is one of the most amazing ways to express yourself. Of course, the most important thing every aspiring musician must have is talent.

However, that’s not always enough. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should know every single aspect of music in order to become a pro, but still, you should comprehend some basics that are going to help you get even better.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to be part of the music industry or not, if you want to always “stay on track” then you should follow these tips that are going to help you achieve that. Let’s check them out!

Top Things Musicians Are Supposed To Know

Stay True To Yourself

This statement refers to anything you do in life. No matter what you do, or want to accomplish, do not ever forget to stay true to yourself.  Frequently, you are going to be tempted to play in a certain way, or sing a song that you do not necessarily like.

You can do it once, or twice, but do not allow yourself to do it all the time because that’s not what true artists do. If you’re a composer, you might be tempted to write a piece of music that is currently popular.

And that’s completely understandable, but if you do it constantly, then that song isn’t going to be valuable. That’s why it’s always crucial to do what your heart desires. Only then you’ll show others what lies inside of you and how passionate you are about your art. If you compromise who you are, then you are going to lose yourself and your identity.

Find The Right Music Equipment

Finding the right music equipment can be a bit stressful and hard to do. Most musicians typically spend hours and hours agonizing over the things they are supposed to purchase. During this process, they tend to make wrong choices and mistakes.

And that’s something that can be quite frustrating and exhausting. Therefore, experienced music lovers at The Sound Junky suggest carefully think this through because audio gear and the instruments you acquire today are going to be with you for many years. The more time you spend focusing on it, the better.

Namely, it’s surprising how many musicians make huge purchases on impulse, thinking that they are doing the right thing. Only later do they realize how wrong they were. Hence you should spend some time researching to see what type of equipment is the best for you.

How are you going to figure that out? Simply by knowing your true needs. Because to be honest, in this situation, the saying one-size-fits-everybody simply doesn’t work. Therefore, it’s of huge importance to be very thorough about it.

What Else Do You Need To Know?


If you have a knack for arrangements then there are some things you must know. You cannot discuss it without a proper understanding of the vocabulary and form to further compliment this understanding.

It’s not enough to simply know what the chorus, verse, and bridge of a song are. For instance, will you know what are you supposed to do when the keyboard player says that you should solo over four choruses of the ‘A’ section and then, later on, tells you to go straight to the coda?

If all of this seems a bit confusing to you, then you should definitely roll up your sleeves and start learning this stuff, otherwise, you are not going to get too far as a musician without understanding what form is, as well as accompanying terminology.

Having A Label Isn’t Always Necessary

Even though due to COVID-19, now may not be the best time (when it comes to popularity and money) to be an artist, it still shouldn’t stop you from planning things ahead. Does it mean that having a label is a must?

It definitely isn’t! If you are your own boss, then you are able to practically control everything, make your own decisions without consulting anybody, record your music at your own house, do anything you can to attract more audience on social media, upload your songs on YouTube, etc.

All of this was practically impossible up until recently. However, things have drastically changed in the meantime, and for the time being, all of us are in a different era of the music industry. Does it mean that nobody should have a label?

No. If you think that having some sort of partner is relevant to you, then you should definitely go to a label to find some type of support that is going to help you go through everything much easier and faster.

Be An Intern or Volunteer

Now, this may seem like a bad idea, however, if you’re just getting started and you are relatively new to this industry, then you should definitely consider doing this. Bear in mind, that a lot of people did this in the beginning.

Namely, they were doing some type of free labor just so that could gain some experience and potentially meet some relevant people in this industry. As time goes by, you will become more skillful and eventually get paid for everything you do.

Furthermore, even if you decide to launch your own management corporation, or a record label, or even to become a publicist, everything you’ve managed to learn and experience in the meantime is only going to benefit you.

It’s Music…Nobody Is Going To Get Hurt

Many musicians, even the most experienced ones, still get scared when they are supposed to perform in front of an audience, even the small one. Even though that’s completely understandable, you have to change this attitude.

That’s because, at the end of the day, you are not a doctor or a surgeon. No one is going to die because of you, so you should do anything you can to eliminate the fear. Even if you have a bad performance, this too shall pass.

Being part of the music industry is both one of the scariest and yet one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You get to connect with people on so many levels. So if you want to give it all and be the best version of yourself, take these suggestions seriously.

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