Here Are All The Covers For Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1

The first major cross-company crossover in Sandman history begins next week with Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1 (of 2). 

This milestone crossover bridges Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe from DC with Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key from IDW Publishing. The three creators are all involved, with Hill writing, Rodriguez drawing, and Gaiman acting as a story consultant.

Ahead of this event, here are the 22 covers for the first issue of this eagerly anticipated event comic book.

There are five Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1 covers available through all retailers: the primary cover by Gabriel Rodriguez, others by J.H Williams III (colored and uncolored), Kelley Jones/Jay Fotos, and an uncolored version of Rodriguez’s primary cover.

A sixth cover, by Mike & Laura Allred, is being sold as an exclusive to the upcoming Comic-Con International: San Diego 2021.

Several stores have arranged specific variant covers exclusive to them. Here is the list of the artists and retailers:

– Megan Hutchison (colored and uncolored) versions, 616 Comics
– Dennis Calero, AOD Collectables
– Raymund Lee, AOD Collectables
– Mark A. Nelson, Bedrock City
– John Giang, Big Time Collectibles
– Alan Quah, Comic Kingdom of Canada
– Unnattributed art of Sandman key, Jetpack Comics / Forbidden Planet
– Jae Lee/June Chung, Oasas Comics
– Justine Frany (with and without trade dress), Sanctum Santorum / Slab City
– David Mack (with and without trade dress), Scorpion Comics
– Two by Peach Momoko, Scorpion Comics
– Miguel Mercado, Yesteryear Comics

The two-part Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone event comes ahead of the return of Netflix’s Locke and Key later this year – and the debut of the live-action Sandman TV series, also streaming on Netflix.

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