Mondo To Release Apocalypse Now Print On April 29

Mondo has released a handful of screenprinted poster reproductions over the years, but Bob Peak’ Apocalypse Now might be their favorite. 

After receiving high-quality files from American Zoetrope, Mondo brought in Jason Edmiston to handle color separations, alongside Mondo’s own Jon Smith. Shane Mahn beautifully reproduced the billing block, and Bob’s son Matthew Peak helped as an extra set of eyes to ensure the final poster felt true to his father’s original art.

And what they got back from DL Screenprinting is nothing short of remarkable.

From Jason Edmiston:

“I’ve been a fan of Bob Peak’s artwork for a long time. When I was in grade school, I’d hang out in the library and study books about movie poster art. Bob’s pieces were instantly recognizable, and stood head and shoulders above many of his contemporary’s works. His work elevated the medium to high art in my opinion. He eschewed photo-realism, by accentuating features, and exaggerating forms to enhance scenes and characters, making them appear how they felt in our minds, rather than how they appeared in reality. His abstraction and artistic flourishes added drama and excitement not often achieved in painted one sheets.

“My goal when helping separate this poster for screenprinting was to retain as much of the original artist’s hand and richness of colors from the original piece as possible. I took great care to approach it like a watercolor painting, building depth with layers of transparent inks, while also paying attention to the textures, airbrushed glows, and subtle linework that Bob often employed, making this one of the most iconic movie posters of all time. Jon Smith, Mondo’s resident separation guru, with a superior understanding of the printing process, then gave it a final pass, improving the depth with an extra layer of transparent grey.

“I have seen these posters in the flesh (printed by the great DL Screenprinting), and they might be the cleanest, most accurate representation of a digital file that I’ve had the pleasure to work on in my history with Mondo.”

Available Thursday, 4/29 at 11AM Central HERE.

Apocalypse Now Poster
By Bob Peak
Screenprint Production by Jason Edmiston, Jon Smith, and Shane Mahn
24″ x 36”
Edition of 425

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