What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life

A lot of things happened last year. The pandemic even took a toll on many relationships due to lockdowns and other restrictions. This year, while some parts of the world are now starting to return to normal, many are wondering what will happen next in their relationships.

Should you stay or should you leave? Should you make a move or not? Should you continue with your long distance relationship? Whatever question’s in your head right now, the stars might have an answer for that. Without further ado, here are some insights into what your zodiac sign says about your love life this year.


I hate to break it to you, but there aren’t actually many direct and long-term influences on your love life this 2021… again. This means this year isn’t a year for love for Aries.

But the good news is that there are numerous short-term influences on both your love and relationships with other people that deserve more attention. And you can check them out on your daily and monthly horoscopes. So be sure to check out some updates.


Relationships for Tauruses may become a bit unstable this year, especially if you’re the type who’s looking for more freedom and self-expression. Fortunately, though, your true friends and loved ones will adjust for you as they understand your need for self-expression.

Just make sure not to make unnecessary changes and make sure that you’re taking action based on your decisions and not merely reacting.


This year is more about expanding your experiences, knowledge, horizons, and mind, Geminis, especially as Jupiter and Saturn move into harmony with your sign, stabilizing and inspiring you all at once.

Jupiter is also expected to square Uranus several times this year too. According to Zodiac Guides, this will bring you some excitement and impulse. Thus, you’re likely to make sudden commitments this year.


Your relationships this year will not be as dramatic as in the past years. This is all because Saturn has phased out of your partnership sector, taking away the pressure of managing your close relationships. Jupiter has also opted out of your partnership sector. Thus, no eclipses will be happening in your sign this year.

If you already have a significant other, this year is full of sexual opportunities for you. You’ll also become more intimate and warm with your partner.


This year offers some opportunities for Leos when it comes to negotiating, partnering, and making commitments. And unlike other signs, this year is a good year for you to start a relationship as things will go well for you and your partner which can lead to a long-term relationship.

But, be careful as 2021 is also a year that offers several challenges as your relationship gets serious. And if your relationship isn’t strong enough, those challenges might negatively affect your relationship right away.


This year’s going to be a bit busy for Virgos as 2021 focuses more on health, routines, work, and chores. Partnerships are also one of the highlights for you this year. Thanks to Saturn that has finally left your romantic sector, the pressure of isolation related to romance will subside. And it will be replaced by a health and work theme that gives hints of emerging partnership.

But, Pluto will remain in your romance sector until the next three years. Thus, challenges in your romance department are expected. Even so, with Saturn out of the way, it will be much easier for you this year.


Libras are becoming a bit ready to share, open up, and explore romantic feelings this year. And with Uranus moving through your intimacy sector, expect some excitement, changes, and experimentation in your sex life.

However, your attitude towards these changes depends on how you open up yourself to such experiences. That said, it can go different ways for Libras, depending on your current age, inclinations, and life situation.


Luckily for Scorpios, Neptune is not making any major stressful situations this year. But Uranus is likely here to stay in your partnership sector. Thus, be prepared for some ups and downs in your relationship. You’ll likely experience a clash between your family or your own needs (for safety and downtime) and partnership.


2021 is more about connecting, communicating, and branching out. Hence, don’t expect much about settling in as it’s not quite clear for you this year. Still, it’s a sign that your relationship will get a good boost this year.

Mars, your romance ruler, will be able to keep up this year. Because of that, you’re bound to experience fewer delays this year compared to last year.


This year will have your romantic feelings, romantic relationships, and dating life, shaken up. These areas may also become unpredictable, edgy, or exciting. That said, play it safe and take things in moderation to prevent rebellious or abrupt moves that could affect your relationship.

Venus is also retrograde in your sign at the end of this year. Thus, things will become slower in your love sector. Take this opportunity to review your attitudes instead of entering a new love relationship.


Aquarius will feel more balance this year. Things will become more serious and mature for you. But, this is a piece of good news as it can moderate things for you. Eclipses this year might give you some challenges but new beginnings are coming. So, don’t feel down.


Because Saturn has gone out of your social sector, you’ll feel fewer obstacles and pressure. However, a time will come this year for you to bid farewell to things that are no longer contributing to your growth. Unfortunately, this could also include your relationship.

Indeed, last year was more challenging for most of us. There have been many uncertainties and challenges that made us question the universe about what’s next for us. This year, however, offers more opportunities for many of us, especially in love.

But, don’t lose hope if your sign hasn’t shown you what you’ve been expecting. Who knows, tables might turn for you quicker than you think at the tail end of the year.

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