Frank Miller’s Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye Hardcover Deluxe Edition

Sin City is turning 30, and the black-and-white crime comic from Frank Miller is getting a gorgeous new edition to celebrate.

The acclaimed crime noir hardcover graphic novel is presented at the original size with new wrap-around cover art by Miller. The deluxe hardcover edition includes a portfolio with an exclusive print, sketchbook with never-before-published development art, and a pinup gallery with art from Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, Klaus Janson, Paul Pope, Philip Tan, and Gerardo Zaffino.

Here is a synopsis of the book:

“Ex-con Marv has found an angel–a goddess named Goldie who has blessed this wretched low-life with a night of heaven. A few hours later, Goldie is dead. Whoever killed her . . . is going to pay. Marv’s got a soul to send to hell, and it’s going to get nasty.”

Sin City is considered one of Miller’s masterworks, alongside properties such as The Dark Knight Returns and 300. Miller gives credit to Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson for jumping at his idea.

“When I first decided to write and draw a black and white crime comic, Mike Richardson didn’t blink. We were off and running and continue to do so 30 years later,” Miller said in a statement.

First published by Dark Horse in 1991, the anthology series kicked off with “The Hard Goodbye,” and continued with stories, written and drawn by Miller through 2000. Pre-order the 224 page hardcover HERE for $100. It will be released on September 29, 2021.

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