Top 6 Albums For 2021

Every year has its own unique musical flavor, 2021 is no different. With such a tumultuous year behind us, artists have been working hard to pump out some great hits to take our minds off of things. Some artists have even taken the initiative to document their experiences. Sharing their experiences with the year 2020 through their music. If you’re a fan of music or want to know what’s hot on the music scene, have a further read!

What The Best Albums of 2021 Should Be

When it comes to the top albums of a year, there’s a lot of things to consider. The artist with the most popular Summer songs, the most anticipated album, or albums that encapsulate the “vibe” of a particular year. All of this can be considered. In this list, we have looked at albums that were released this year that are both masterpieces and share a common theme. The themes running through the top albums for this year are ones of rebirth, recovery, and reconnection. After a year like 2020 filled with darker tones, 2021 seems to be the year for us to grow and be happy.

We have a lot to look forward to this spring and summer when it comes to music. Whatever your genre preference is, there’s bound to be something on this list for you. If you want to find out what the Top 6 Albums of 2021 are, we’ve compiled a list for you.

1. Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny this sultry songstress makes music for the soul. The controversial singer Lana Del Rey is back at it again but this time, with a more refined sound. Chemtrails Over the Country Club is in Del Rey’s usual style of nostalgic indie rock. It takes on a more folk approach as it tackles themes of female resilience both past and present. Del Rey describes the album as both an ode to women and her personal diary as she explores more of America. The singer comes to terms with her own happiness and the happiness of others through her album and the sense of rebirth is palpable.

2. Django Django – Glowing in the Dark

The British rock band has waited a whole 3 years to gift us with this album, and boy are we thankful for it. Glowing in the Dark is an excellent reminder about why people fell in love with their quirky sound to being with. The band became mainstream popular in 2021, especially with their Youtube channel gaining more subscribers lately. Their self-titled album Django Django and has been a favorite of experimental rockers since. Glowing in the Dark is laced with zany miscellaneous instruments ranging from cowbells to doorbells interwoven through each song like a rich tapestry. The album provides just the right kind of escapism and euphoria we’ve all been craving. If you’re a fan of rock music that has a flair for creativity and electronic embellishment, you’ll love this album.

3. Julien Baker – Little Oblivions

The next album on this list is the third studio album by Julien Baker, Little Oblivions. The singer, known for her profound sadness seen in her previous work, has taken a different approach with this album. Little Oblivions is a showcase of both the singer’s range for tone and musical skill. In this body of work, the talented young artist takes on more than just an acoustic guitar. Exploring themes of drug abuse, faith, queerness, and expectations through swirling synths and homely guitar sounds. Although the subject matter may be dark, it is surprisingly upbeat and emotional. The masterful craftsmanship of this alternative album gives it a well-deserved spot on this list.

4. Foo Fighters – Medicine at Midnight

If you’re a fan of rock, then you’re probably a fan of the Foo fighters. This rock band has its own unique brand, with the speed of punk and the power of metal. The band is famous for their energy, which you can see from their live performances and in their music. Medicine at Midnight maintains the band’s passion and aggression but elevates it with some unexpected glamor. The album is packed with flourishes like synths, choirs, and a string piece that although unusual, is a welcome addition. The band, known as “The new classic rock”, has decided to be a little more creative with their sound, and it’s really paying off. This gives the album a solid spot on this list.

5. Jazmine Sullivan – Heaux Tales

This album has been a long time coming. The R&B singer extraordinaire released Heaux Tales in January 2021 and the world hasn’t been the same since. Sullivan is not only a phenomenal vocalist but a talented lyricist. The characters she creates and depicts in the songs on the album make you feel for them. The album tackles topics of female expectations and how love and intimacy change women. Sullivan’s smooth vocals dive through topics like the male ego and female sexuality. The silky melodies punctuated with touches of ‘90s soul and hip hop make a great combo. If any woman needed a summer playlist, this 30 minute, 8 songs long album, is the one for you.

6. Brockhampton – Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine

The last entry on this list is left to none other than Brockhampton. Though the supergroup had a  rocky start since their debut, this album more than makes up for it. Roadrunner is a masterfully crafted hip-hop album that focuses more on melodies and sensitivity and refining rhythm. Where their previous bodies of work came across as muddled and incoherent, Roadrunner is a breath of fresh air with more subtlety and soul. The supergroup has managed to distill their previously untamed creativity through structure and discipline. They have managed to come up with an incredible body of work. Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine is an album that everyone needs to hear.

So there you have it! The Top 6 Albums of 2021, all telling stories of or representing rebirth, learning, and change. They say that life imitates art, but in this case, across these albums, we’ve found that art imitates life. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our experiences from music. If you were looking for a sign to find some new artists off the billboards charts or off of youtube, this is it! So go out there are give these albums a listen.

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