May The 4th Scott C. Star Wars Showdown Prints Announced

Tomorrow is May the 4th! That special day in which we wish that the 4th be with everyone throughout the world.

Scott C. is celebrating the strength of the 4th with these 5 new Great Showdown prints! “Those In Need of Identification”, “The Warm Place”, “The Bone”, “The Snow Upon Sabers”, and a surprise Showdown that has never before been gazed upon by human eyes… “The Little Ball”.

These prints will go on sale tomorrow, May the 4th at 10am EDT in The Scott C Shop and will be on sale for just 48 hours. The edition size will be determined by however many have sold in that 48 hour span of time. The sale ends Thursday at 10am EDT.

The Little Ball” – $15 (5 x 5 inches)

Those In Need of Identification” – $20 (5 x 7 inches)

The Warm Place” – $20 (5 x 7 inches)

The Bone” – $15 (5 x 5 inches)

The Snow Upon Sabers” – $15 (5 x 5 inches)

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