May The Schwartz Be With You – Jason Edmiston To Release Spaceballs Eyes Without A Face Prints On May 4

May the 4th is a very special day for fans of space fairy tales. There is one science fiction fable in particular, about a princess in distress, her robot assistant, a rugged hero and his hairy companion, all battling against a maniacal villain dressed in black, who is obsessed with controlling the universe. That movie is cool, but this is about Spaceballs, which is totally unique, and not like that other story at all.

Here are the details of Jason Edmiston’s celebration sale, called “May the Schwartz Be With You”:

“Surrounded by Assholes” and “My Own Best Friend” – limited edition Eyes Without A Face set. $70.

This is a set of 2, signed and matched numbered giclée prints.  Edition of 150. “Surrounded by Assholes” is oversized at 19″ x 8.5″, and “My Own Best Friend” is the traditional 9″ x 5″ size (both shown above together, for scale). 

These prints are made with archival inks on acid-free paper. The colors in these prints are vibrant and perfectly matched to the original acrylic painting. The paper is heavy and has the texture of fine quality watercolor paper.

The prints will be released on Tuesday, May the 4th, at 12 Noon (EST,) HERE.

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