Lividian Publications To Offer Later By Stephen King Slipcase For Hard Case Crime Hardcover Editions

Lividian Publications is pleased to announce an aftermarket slipcase for the collectors hardcover editions of Later by Stephen King, but preorders will only be accepted for a few weeks!

Later by Stephen King has been published in collectors hardcover editions by Hard Case Crime, but the Numbered Signed Hardcover Edition and the Unsigned Hardcover Edition were issued without a protective slipcase.

Lividian Publications is pleased to announce that they are now accepting preorders for a fine aftermarket slipcase that will fit both of these hardcover editions from Hard Case Crime. This product does not include a copy of the book, and this slipcase will not fit the trade paperback or other editions.

The slipcase will be made with the new, heavier boards that Lividian Publications now uses for all of their slipcases, starting with The Night Country, and the textured faux-leather covering material has a terrific look and feel. 

The slipcase will be stamped on the front and the spine with two colors of hot foil stamping. The retail price is $39 and as always no pre-payment is required.

Based on current production times, Lividian expects to ship these slipcases in October, but the run will be based on preorders received in the next few weeks, so please don’t wait to reserve yours HERE.

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