Children Birthday Party Ideas That Might Interest You

The yearly extravaganza, otherwise known as your child’s birthday, is a momentous event, especially when kids are small. It can be challenging coming up with ideas as children change every day, and their tastes and interests can wax and wane. So, where do you start?


If you have a tiny little person to cater for, you may wonder if planning a party can be stress-free and simple. Well, it doesn’t need to be stressful and careful planning is key. You must provide snacks for toddler parties and lots of them!  It doesn’t have to be complicated; finger food such as sandwiches, crisps, raw veggies, and sausage rolls are ideal for little hands. If your child has friends over, always make sure you check no one has allergies and make appropriate adjustments for those that do.

Two and three-year-olds probably still nap in the afternoon, so choosing the right time is important to avoid any overtired and grumpy toddlers. Lunchtime is ideal as you can combine eating with fun time, and they’ll be ready to sleep when they return home.

Toddlers have short attention spans, so don’t plan anything too complicated. If you have hired a hall, add interactive activities such as balls, sandpits, and water play features. You could hire a bouncy castle; kids love to bounce and will keep them entertained for hours. Arts and crafts are also popular, so stock up on glue, paper, and glitter beforehand.

If you find someone willing to dress up as a popular character from Disney or kids’ films, then this is a great option. Small children still believe what they see is real, so Spiderman in the house will thrill them and keep them occupied.

 Older Children

Older children are great to plan birthdays for as they generally have a good idea of what they like. Preteens will probably spend a few months pre-birthday sending you lists of all the things they want to include. With restrictions being lifted, you may be considering booking a location for your pre-teen. Team activities such as bowling, paintballing, or laser tag will help expend energy and add some friendly competition.

For home-based entertainment, if restrictions are still in force, you could utilize the services of an online entertainer. Popular Magician Neb offers magic shows via Zoom with great reviews and a variety of party options, and it’s a great choice for something a bit different.

Older kids like to extend their birthday parties, so if the space in your house allows it, you could organize a sleepover party. Set up some camping-style sleeping arrangements and ask your child who they would like to come over. Check-in with parents and then leave the kids to it. Pre-teens appreciate alone time with mates and are great at finding ways to entertain themselves. Provide lots of food and move the TV in their room so they can enjoy a film fest with their mates. You might need to remind them to limit the noise after hours so the rest of the family can sleep.

For budding makeup artists or Instagram influencers, you could choose a beauty-based pamper party. Many companies offer party packages for kids that include professional beauticians who can offer a makeover or a pampering session, and it’s a great way to make youngsters feel a little grown-up. You could organize the house to create a spa/salon atmosphere and leave the youngsters to enjoy the treatments.


Planning a party with a teenager is tricky business. They have specific requirements (if any at all), and although you may not get the chaos associated with young kid’s parties, teenagers are more difficult to please. Peer Pressure, self-consciousness, and hormones are all dominating the young person, so it’s important you discuss with them what they want for their birthday.

Some teenagers won’t want a formal party but will select a few friends they would like to spend their special day with. You may just need to save some money and let them spend the day shopping for some new outfits or hanging out at the amusements. If you have an adrenaline-loving teenager, you could take them and few friends to a nearby leisure park such as Thorpe Park or Chessington for a day of thrilling rollercoasters.

Children aren’t children for long, so we must stay connected and enjoy the younger years before they enter the world of adulthood. We’ll miss it when it’s passed. So make the most of creating memories you and your child can treasure forever.

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