Mondo To Release Cobra Kai Poster By Matt Ryan Tobin On May 12

Tomorrow, Mondo will release a new Cobra Kai poster, featuring artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin.  The show’s got a ton of heart and nimbly plays with nostalgia, while confidently charting its own path. 

From Matt Ryan Tobin:

“As a massive fan of Cobra Kai, I honestly just let the show art direct the poster. I wanted to create something Johnny Lawrence himself would proudly hang in the Cobra Kai Dojo.

“He’d want to be front and center, towering over LaRusso but most importantly … he’d want to look bad-ass. However, Daniel plays an integral role in the composition, symbolizing balance in his mission to bring peace between the two dojos.”

Cobra Kai Screenprinted Poster
Art by Matt Ryan Tobin
24” x 36”
Edition of 175

The print will be available Wednesday May 12 at 12PM CT on The Drop.

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