The Top 3 Reasons To Catch Hamilton In Calgary

Hamilton may just be changing the course of musical theater. It aims incredibly high and manages to hit the mark. The show is captivating and tells the story of Alexander Hamilton refreshingly. If you’ve never heard of Hamilton or you have never been able to see it, it’s highly recommended that you watch the live show. The story of America’s founder is told beautifully and it’s something you can really sink your teeth into. It also uses genres of music that have not typically been explored in musical theater. Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the book, play and the music takes the starring role and is amazing as the central fixture of the play. 

3 Reasons To Watch Hamilton

Hamilton is done in such a way that even if you’re not a big musical theater fan you’ll fall in love with this one. Former President Barack even gave it his seal of approval. If you have the chance you should catch the Hamilton show in Calgary and you’ll fall in love with it the way we all had. Best of all you’ll find yourself getting interactive with the show. The music makes you want to get involved and it’s funny enough to have you holding onto your stomach. If that didn’t convince you, here are the top 3 reasons you should watch Hamilton. 

1. The Music

What can we say the music is phenomenal and will have you out of your seat jamming along. The music is a mix of genres, mainly hip hop, r&b, and soul. Rap is not something you see in musical theater often but it’s done well and works with the flow of the show and storyline. The cast is well versed in these genres and can we say they deliver? Because they deliver. The combination may seem strange, the story of the rise of Alexander Hamilton is told in modern music. However, it’s a combination that works. The storytelling and the reliability both come together to create something in perfect harmony. Music is definitely one of its biggest contributors to its success. 

2. Educational and Historically Accurate

You’ve never had a history lesson this good. You’ve never learned as much as you have with a history teacher before. The music, the dancing, and overall storytelling make it where you can’t help but learn everything you missed in class. Moreover, it is historically accurate. Miranda got inspired by Hamilton’s biography written by Ron Chernow. Chernow hasn’t dedicated much of his time and effort to the work and becomes the play’s historical consultant 

3. Awards and Reviews

The show has won numerous off-broadway awards, critical acclaim, and rave reviews. Critics, fans, and celebrities have all joined in on singing the musical’s praises. It truly earns all of the recognition and as mentioned has the approval of former President Barack Obama.

If you’re in Calgary, whether you live there or stopping in for a visit you definitely need to make it a point to watch the Hamilton theater show. There is no doubt that you’ll enjoy yourself and learn a lot along the way.

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